Woo Hoo! Bought my ticket to London for December 12th for class to start on January 4th!! It seems real again. BTW, what AM I technically speaking: pre-med or medical or something else, since I don’t start until January??


BTW, what AM I technically speaking? Kathy

An inspiration!

WHOOT right back at you!


Yay, that is just awesome! BTW, where in London in St. Christopher’s? I LOVE London.

Kate and pushkin,
Thanks! Actually St. Christopher’s is in Luton, about 30 miles north east of London and about the same south of Cambridge. Its a town of 170,000, about 25% from the Indian continent. Still, just a short train ride to London, and a bit longer to the rest of the country or a quick hop to the continent!!

Its Like Brooklyn with a Chicken Tikka Masala Flair…

There you go, you said it perfectly!!

Congratulations Kathy!!!

I bet the time between now and December will fly!

As one of the oldest members of OPM at 53, I’d also like to add a note: I just received confirmation that I’ve been accepted at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, beginning fall 2005. It amazes me that this has actually happened – and finally so. Folks like Dave, Joe, and Mary have listened patiently and supportively while I took and retook the MCAT and went through the application process 3 times. Looking back over it all, in retrospect, all the hard work, frustration, anxiety, seem to have faded in the distance. As difficult as it seemed at the time, in comparison to being actually “IN,” all the agony is hard to remember. There is a wonderful line in the movie, “Necessary Roughness” (a football flick for those who haven’t seen it). The quarterback (an aging one who came back to college after 10 years out)says to his team in the huddle, “I know you’re hurt, I know you’re tired, but I promise you this: You get into the endzone and you won’t feel a thing, you know what I mean?” That’s what it seems like: I finally got into the end zone and all the struggle to get there has been worth it. I learned so much this year, beginning with the convention in Denver, that changed things for me. I learned to contact representatives from the colleges, talk to them, make myself known. In the past, I tried to be polite and follow the rules of admission. From college reps, I learned how to make myself stand out, how to find the college that is the right fit, and that made all the difference. One thing is certain, it feels incredibly good to know I’ve finally joined the ranks of those who have been doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m not standing outside the candy store, looking in the window and wishing I could taste the goodies. I’ve walked in and it’s better than I ever imagined.



Hey wild bill, that is just great news! Now the hard work starts, and you will feel it! But you will soon see that it is a good tired feeling from good and enjoyable work. Good luck.

Oh Bill I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! (clapping my hands, cheering wildly) Congratulations! You will be a fine physician; I am thrilled to have you as a colleague.

You are an inspiration!

Wild Bill,
Good for you. You are an inspiration!!!
Enjoy every minute.

Thanks, Mary, I really appreciate it, and everyone else, too!! It’s pretty doggoned wonderful being on THIS side of the river, for a change. :slight_smile:

As I told you in the e-mail: CONGRATULATIONS & I am most proud of you! Tell Barbara hello & welcome to New England! You will have to let us know when y’all get out here. We can go out to dinner for some “lob-stah”, as they call it here!

That is GREAT news! Congratulations!!!

Great story Wild Bill. UNECOM is a great school. Good luck and congratulations.

Thankyakindly, Dave! :slight_smile: We’re looking forward to coming back up there – Barb (Mrs. Wild Bill to other readers) is from Massachusetts and we’re eager to connect with old friends we left behind when we moved out here to Boulder. It’s just amazing to me how much positive feedback I’m getting about UNECOM. I was told it would be a good fit before I even considered seriously applying for med school, but in the past few weeks, people seem to be coming out of the woodwork with praise for the school and the kind of people it graduates. I’m thrilled to soon be one of them!
Thanks again to all for their very kind good wishes, it means a lot. :slight_smile:

Very well said, Wild Bill. Many Congratulations!