WooHoo Accepted to Post-bacc!

I just wanted to share. I know this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I was just accepted to the post-bacc premed program at UNF today! To me its a big deal because it is the ONLY way for me to do a post-bacc. Up until last year, I could have just registered as non-degree seeking or as second bachelor’s and done it informally. However, the state budget cuts this year means the universities no longer accept ANY students as non-degree or who already have a B.A. The post-bacc premed program is the only way for me to get in.

It was really crazy too, making me believe it wasn’t coincidence. I was given the wrong deadline by the admissions office (they gave me the regular undergrad deadline which was a month after the premed program deadline). When I called the premed director, he said “you know you are applying for next year, the deadline was month ago and I have to give them my list of approved names tomorrow?” I’ll keep this brief, but a whole litany of problems were overcome including being told by undergrad admissions that it had to go to grad, then just happening to check in time and having them tell me “oh no, this goes back to undergrad.” After explaining undergrad sent me to them, they agreed to hand-deliver to the right person (I only came back by “chance” because I forgot to pay the application fee), then THAT person being away until too late and just happening to catch another right person who rescued the app from their mailbox and on and on it went passing each hurdle by one odd coincidence after another until today when I got the letter of acceptance. It really was amazing that everything worked out.

So, I’m glad I took everyone’s advice on here and finished the psychology BA (four more weeks)!

I’ll now be starting the plan that I posted here a few weeks ago.

I realize this is only the beginning of the beginning of the beginning, but I can’t help being excited anyway.

Next big hurdle is how to figure out how to make adult-unfriendly U. classes work with my work schedule… I was almost hoping they wouldn’t take me so I could justify going to the local CC, but I told my wife if it worked out it would be such a miracle that I would have to just make the long drive and bad times work somehow.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

lign, sounds like you’ve already had a few hoops to jump through. Don’t worry–it’s all worth it in the long run!