Woohoo - Go Boilers!

I'm totally psyched that Purdue (my alma mater) got through the first round of the NCAA tourney. It's even better that they beat LSU - my husbands alma mater! Ha!
Now they play Texas, where I got my Master's. How funny. It'll be a miracle if they win that one. Purdue doesn't have a great record at the NCAA tournament anyway…
Anybody else paying attention this year?

I love college basketball…
I am an LSU alumni…However I had a feeling Purdue was going to do that to them after partially watching the game last weekend. They are an inconsistent team. And I guess I am a fair weather fan.
I usually wait until it gets down to the sweet 16. And then start trash talking with my friends.
I AM rooting for the lady tigers basketball team. I cant wait to see how they do this weekend.

Woo hoo! Texas is in the Final Four baby!!
(sorry spacecadet…I couldn’t resist) biggrin.gif