Words of Encouragement


I am not much of a talker I prefer to listen. I am firm believer that less is more. I am quite the shy person but I would like to share some words of encourgement to my fellow physicians to be. Hoping these words can be uplifting to everyone who comes across this wonderful site.

Don’t give Up!

Your Dreams May Be Closer

Than You Think!

There may be times when you feel

as if you have taken a million steps towards

your dreams, and acted on your plans, only to find

yourself in the same place that you began from.

At times like this, you must not give up.

You must continue on. Though you may feel

lost, bewildered, and alone, continue to believe

in yourself. Do not allow discouragement and

doubt to blur your vision and wash away

your dreams. Visualize your way beyond the

detours, standstills, and obstacles.

You will realize your dreams. You have

worked hard and taken so many productive

steps in a positive direction that you are bound

to succeed. Whatever the hurt of the moment

may be, it will pass. Tomorrow is always a

new dawn. Today, you must pause, rest, catch

your breath, and then look ahead. Each step

will bring you closer to your dreams. The

rainbows and the love that you deserve are in

sight. Happiness is just around the next turn.

Thank you for that, I needed that!

I needed it too; badly.

Much thanks for that.

Really nice! Thanks!

Thank you so much! You don’t know how much that means to me! Like all have already said, I needed that too!