Work and Activities

Back in 2002 I interned in a lab for the surgery dept at IU med school. I am thinking about putting it on the work/activities section. However, I remember a few highlights and that’s it. If I get asked detailed q’s in an interview I may not be able to give great answers. Any advice??

does it enhance your application?

Boy that is a hard one. I guess if I was in your shoes and had spots to fill I might put it in there but if I have plenty of other things then I would leave it out.

I feel it would enhance the application as far as adding diversity and relevant medical research experience, but it could hurt in an interview.

Since I posted the thread I’ve contacted the scientist I worked for and he sent me some of the relevant med research to brush up on. That could only help.

Any more thoughts??

If, with the background information you now have, you can talk intelligently about the experience in an interview, I would consider putting it in. If not - if, as you say, it could hurt you in an interview - I would leave it out. I think with any research work you have done, you have to be prepared for interviewers to ask you what you did, what the experience was like, what you learned, what the results were, etc. That’s just my opinion. Good luck deciding!