Work hours and AMCAS

So, AMCAS veterans and experts:

How in the heck does one enter hours for a job held the last 7.5 years where weekly hours ranged anywhere from over 40 to maybe 5 at times? I have been employed by the same company for 7.5 years both full time with overtime and part time but am I to estimate the total number of hours I have worked in the last 7.5 years? I suppose I could see if I can get this information from my employer as this should not be too difficult to get from end of the year paystubs, so that may be what I will do. I was just wondering what others have done with long term employment. I am having trouble finding a link or even forum discussion that specifically addresses this type of issue. If anyone has a link addressing this specific problem please post it! Thanks!

Average your hours and provide details in your description of the experience.

Let me know if you have any more questions!



Okay, so I will average my weekly hours and explain things in my description. Another stupid question, for end date what do I put if I am still employed? There is not an option to indicate this is an ongoing thing. I have the same issues with volunteering as I am still involved. Thanks!

I was confused about this too … I looked in the 2014 AMCAS instruction manual (p. 57, in case you’re wondering). It says, and this is a direct copy-paste from the manual:

“Include the start and end dates for each experience. Some Experience Types, such as Awards, Presentations/Posters and Publications, require only one date. Your start date must be no later than the current month and your latest end date must be no later than the August of the current application cycle.”

So I suppose that means just put August down if something is continuing? That’s what the instructions mean to me, at least …

Thanks, Lorien. I did find that, too, in the manual online, but it still seemed vague and unsatisfying. I think I will put the end date on ongoing experiences as the last date they will allow, and then of course, use the explanation section to, well, explain. I guess there is so much emphasis on making your application perfect in execution that I don’t want any minor detail to make me look like an idiot!

Can’t you just click the “Until Present” checkbox for ongoing activities?

I did not see an until present option in AAMCAS. I am not in it now but I think you must enter an end date and there is no other option when entering experiences.

That’s totally strange since it appears to be in the 2013 AMCAS (long story why I am in the 2013 amcas).

I just logged in and checked again. I have a lot on my mind so I figured it was entirely possible I missed something. However, in the work/activities section of 2014 AAMCAS there is only a start date and an end date. The only option for end date is to input a month and a year from the drop down menus. I thought this was odd because clearly many people will still be involved in various activities at the time of the application. I suppose for averaging hours it may be best just to use the date of application submission as the end date for any activity that is ongoing as no one can predict the future anyway.