Im in school Full Time and I work part time, iam stressed over my part time job because it dont really pay the bills but i know that it is a choice i have to make. if anyone here is dealing with a similar issue please tell me how you deal with it. my mentor told me you are either a student or a worker, it makes sense to me. any advice would be great thanks!!!

I’d say it depends on your situation. Are you alone or care for kids? Couldn’t you take a bigger loan and ace your classes possibly saving a year of study down the road? If your part-time job doesn’t pay for the bills, It probably means it doesn’t pay a lot. As such a loan could be a good option. But again, each situation is different.

I have a 5yr old and i live with my husband. he tells me its okay if i dont work and just stay in school,(he really wants me to go to med school as well) but the extra money is just enough for car insurance, gas, extra school supplies and whatever my daughter needs.

That reminds me of my situation!

With a supportive husband, my take would be to ditch the part-time, figure out federal loans and ace your classes. Once you make it to med school, financial aid programs will help out.

My view is that getting into med school is the most important now, even if you financial situation takes a hit. It all depends on how big a hit of course. Your time is way more valuable than the few bucks an hour your part-time gets you.

Your husband’s support is invaluable and if he says it’s OK, then it’s OK.

Good luck.

Thank you soo much for you input i really appreciate it!!!

I’m a single mom; no husband. I work part time, go to school full time. It is very hard. Be thankful you don’t have to go it alone.

How do you do it? My hat off to you jkp. Good luck.

Thanks, Redo. Some days, I just put my head in the proverbial sand and cry. Then pick myself up by the boot straps, and press on. Some days, I just go through wondering what the fuss is all about. THOSE days, I thoroughly enjoy

I see that you have your own way of dealing with tough times. What you try to accomplish is impressive. I can only wish you the best in your endeavor.