Working is getting in the way!

I like my job, it’s not what I want to do with my life (of course) but it pays well for now - however, it’s getting in the way of my Science classes since I have to be at school (I can take a ton of other classes online). The problem is, hubby doesn’t make enough for us to balance on one paycheck (even if we sold our house, which I’ve considered). I’m really just venting here, but I’d like to know how some of you work and go to school full time with kiddos (my kiddo is almost 3 months). Have you taken any online science classes at your University? Should I take online science classes? Can I take as many online classes as I can or should I try to find a way to get to school?

Edited to add: I won’t be working through med school, but I have to work now to save up for that :o)

It is my understanding that medical schools don’t accept online science courses. Personally, I’ve cut back to 75% time at work to accommodate my class schedule.

don’t take online classes for your pre-reqs! most med schools won’t accept them

not sure if i have any advice to offer on the job/school balance thing. i had the same problems (job getting in the way of my med school stuff), but it solved itself when my company decided to do massive layoffs (including me) giving me time to do my school thing while collecting severance + unemployment! woohoo!!

Thanks for letting me know, I wasn’t sure since it’s the same class i.e… BIO 1302, just online. I’ll do whatever it takes to get the classes done - I’m sorry you went through layoffs, sounds like it was almost a blessing in disguise

If the class is offered online at the same university where you would be taking it in person, it may be okay. Talk to someone in the department and/or the registrar’s office and find out if they consider the online course they offer any different. Do they designate on your transcript that it was an online course or does it show up exactly the same as a regular course? How do they do the labs?

Although it is true that many medical schools state they don’t accept online courses, I tend to think that the philosophy is geared more towards online only schools who may or may not offer a quality course. I don’t think they have nearly an issue with courses that are offered online as equivalent to on-campus courses at a school. As always, it doesn’t hurt to call a couple admissions offices and ask them, but make sure you tell them that this is the online equivalent of an on-campus course at your school (if it indeed is).

Another important consideration you need to give to doing online courses is obtaining letters of recommendation. You are going to want letters of recommendation from science professors to support your application, and it is much easier to build a relationship with a professor in person.

I think the attitude towards online courses will shift eventually as more and more schools are finding it more economical and popular to offer courses online. Heck, a lot of medical schools do extensive amounts of coursework online, from podcasting their lectures, to online discussion boards and quizzes. A lot still has to be worked out with lab portions of courses, though, and how to make an online version equivalent to the on campus version. I’m not sure that is possible in all cases, however I can definitely see how a lot of labs could be done at home.

Thanks for the info! I will never forget, when I was in Jr. High, we had a science lab online that was about dissecting a frog. The only thing I learned from it was that I could pull the leg off and it would automatically bounce back making the best “doinnnng” noise. Not quite medical school worthy LOL

I’ve been looking into night science classes and I think I can cram in two a week (and do some of my other stuff online - like History).

Hi Sunshine,

The balance thing is really hard to achieve. I just had my first round of exams for this semesters, and work was a serious issue - it is hard to find time for everything…including two kids under age 7.

Right now, I am doing ALL of my studying at night once the kids are in bed. Classes are in the morning, and work immediately after that.

I am trying to segment my day into the three parts, and not let them overlap becuase then I get overwhelmed - STUDENT, EMPLOYEE, MOM. Obviously Mom over rides the other two, but thus far, it is working okay.

I will say I am completely exhausted by weeks end…but hopefully I can resign from working soon…we have our house on the market now, and when it sells, we will have some more financial freedom.

It seems like you’ve basically got the idea. Online courses can be every bit as good as going to class - sometimes better depending on the program and the professors. But, I would recommend taking core science courses in the traditional setting. Science learning is enhanced by interaction and demonstration.

Balancing FT work with PT college (and real life) is a major challenge that isn’t for just anyone. However, it is a very good preparation for medical school. My family probably learned as much about living with a student doctor as I did about becoming one.

If I had discovered during my post-bac studies that I couldn’t devote the necessary time and attention to studying, I would have foregone coming to medical school. It’s a trick figuring out how to be a spouse, father, and a student. But, I absolutely love being a medical student! So, for me, there’s just no other acceptable option. You’ll want to figure out for yourself if you share such an enthusiasm for medicine. There’s no substitute for commitment and no room for indecision once you start MD/DO studies.

I have the same problem. Work gets in the way of everything. This semester was the first semester in a long time that I was able to get full time classes and I had to end up dropping Algebra because I could devote enough time to it and I’m not good in math, my prior math did not prepare me well enough for this teacher and unfortunately because I can’t afford to stop working full time right now I couldn’t devote enough time to it.

Maybe we can both hit the lottery and that will solve our problems!

I was basically just venting too! Sure is nice to have this board to vent too! I haven’t even posted this semester I’ve bene so busy.