Worthwhile to return to school? (xferring with low undergrad GPA)

Short history:

I attended UC Berkeley between 2001 and 2008 (youch), but never graduated. In all, I have 170.6 credits completed with a UC GPA of 2.114.

Should I try transferring to another school to finish my undergrad degree? The only reason I’d go back to school at this point would be to apply to med school.

Long version:

I spent a long time as an undergrad not doing well for medical reasons, but not willing to give up. Fortunately, I finally left college and sought help after 7 years, and am now in a position where I can reassess and decide what I’d like to do with my life. No matter where I look, I always look back to the conclusion that I’d like to become a doctor–I want to help others as I was helped, and I really feel a calling to do this.

I’m currently looking into the possibility of transferring to another school so I can finish my undergrad. My question is, though, with so many units at such low grades from Berkeley, do I even stand a chance of getting into a medical school? (My understanding is that the GPA they look at is cumulative across all institutions.)

As much as becoming a doctor is my dream, I’d rather know if it’s not possible before I spend the time and money on going back to school.

Many thanks for reading, and for your advice.

sounds like a GREAT personal statement to me! if you can show them what you are capable of now, the past shouldnt be as big of a deal. Of course call around some schools of interest and plead your case

It is going to be hard. If you are 100% set on being doctor, I’d say your best best would be DO with grade replacement but that depends on the actual classes you took. How many credits are science? Have you take all the pre-med prereqs?

As for whether you should take the classes @ Berkeley vs another school, I can’t really say. Maybe take just 1 class at first at Berk and ace that then make some decisions?

Have you considered any of the healthcare professions?

Only you know if it’s worthwhile.

If you are willing to put in the work, stay dedicated and stay on course, then the goal is reachable. Just depends on how much you want it.

Before you go back to school and put in the time - why don’t you volunteer/shadow to make sure that it’s truly something you want.

Another thought I had was the graduate program route where you have the chance to prove yourself capable with a postbac or Master’s, and then apply. You may need to do some work to get in even there, but this could open a few more doors.