would like to talk to someone in TX

I posted my “intro” on the pre-med intro forum … but, in short, I currently work for the Space Program at KSC and am ready to get out of my comfort zone and pursue medicine! I completed most pre-med requirements - but since it’s been over 15 yrs, I’m re-taking all of them.
I was JUST told that I need to fly to Houston to support a test at Johnson Space Center on Aug 7-10. I’m thinking that I could maybe check out a few med schools in that area (Univ of Houston, Baylor, Univ of Tx???) but I have NO experience in this … I’m currently at our local CC, so I don’t have any advisor … I guess I’d just like to talk to a couple med school advisors to see if I’m on track, etc. Can someone please give me some tips on what to do (i.e who to contact, what to expect, what to take with me, etc)? I’d be really appreciative …

Write to the director of admissions at each school to make an appointment to chat about their school. Let them know you’re not applying this year–it helps them feel free to meet with you. Bring a resume and a transcript but don’t whip it out unless they ask for it. Tell them a little about yourself and ask what else you should be doing to be a competitive applicant for their school. Dress as if for a job interview.

thanks samenewme … but I don’t think I have time to correspond via snail mail. I’m thinking email might be too casual — would a phone call suffice?
A resume? I’m assuming that you don’t mean my current “engineering based” resume … you mean a resume for med school? Yikes. Maybe the timing won’t be good for this — less than 2 weeks to prepare. I’m just so anxious that I could actually talk to someone at a med school face-to-face!