Would this be a worthwhile internship?

I still have at least 2 years before I’ll be applying to med school, but I need to do everything I can to build a strong application. Right now what I’d like to do is be an orthopedic surgeon (in the area of sports medicine). Of course I’m not 100% set on that because I realize I could find something I’m more passionate about through clinical experience. Anyway, from an application standpoint, is this a worthwhile internship?

“The Coroner’s Office sponsors an internship program for undergraduate and graduate students. Internships typically are for one semester. The student is under the direct supervision of the Coroner who directs the activities of students, and meets with college/university personnel as appropriate. Internship experiences include viewing autopsies and accompanying a Deputy Coroner to various death scenes (suicides, homicides, fatal traffic accidents). Interested students should contact the college/university coordinator to arrange an appointment.”