After 5 years of living in the same neighborhood, we were robbed. It actually happened 3 blocks away from the house. A car rear ended us and after I got out and saw that there was no damage, I was going back to the truck. The little punk kid pulled a gun on me and pressed me up against the side of my truck and told me to give him my wallet. It was a little black .38 revolver. He had it pressed into the right side of my chest…I got a real good look at it.
There were 3 of the heathens total. They committed assault with a deadly weapon and got away with $11 cash, a load of now cancelled credit cards, some pocket lint and a 3 year old cell phone…they weren’t very smart. The cops are keeping an eye out for the car right now. This happened almost 3 hours ago…I am still not quite sleepy yet. Neither one of us is hurt, just pissed.

Clay (and family)
I guess all that anyone can say is “thank God you weren’t hurt.” Now that I’ve said that, I hope the police catch the little punks. I will be praying that you and your family can find a way to move on.

You did the right thing. Give them what they want and lete them go. The important thing is that you are alright. When they try to use the credit cards, the police will be notified.

Sorry to hear, glad you are all ok. We were robbed once when i was younger and it was a feeling of violation. I hope they catch em!

Tonight a white car that looked an awful lot like the one used in the robbery from last night was parked in the cul-de-sac on our road. Same damage, same age of car. Called the cops, they came out and questioned the guys…then they let them drive off. As the car drove off, they slowed down in front of the house. sigh I AM watching and my neighbors are watching. The sign at the end of our street should read “Forget the dogs, beware the owners”. We, the techno geeks on the street, are thinking about putting out wireless cameras to monitor the activity.

Fortunately the head of the crime watch lives 2 doors down and she can get me a copy of the police report from tonight.

I called my mom and told her what happened…um, can we say drama?? Wait for the Lifetime movie of the week as told by my mom in the next few weeks. LOL.

This is not helping my state of mind as I try to put the finishing touches on my application. Trudging on…