Wrongfully suspended due to false misconduct accusations

Hello everyone,

In the spring of 2019 a small group of women wrongfully accused me of misconduct due to a set of political opinions I had voiced in a Critical Thinking class. Unfortunately because the college had a bias against men in these situations and a lousy investigation, I was suspended for 2 years without proper due process. As a Pre-Med, This is obviously one of the worst things that can happen to you or anyone in general. To this day I still do not feel that I am confident enough to continue my journey to medical school as I also failed 2 classes that semester due to the fact that I was removed from all of my classes.

What advice can be given on how I should continue my journey? I have wanted to become a physician since I was five years old and though I have felt like quitting for the past year, there is still a spark in me that wants to continue. Any constructive advice would be extremely helpful.

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Did the legal system get involved or was this contained within the school?