W's on transcripts

Hi everyone,

This is a post about W’s!

I have one W on my transcript, from my freshman year. I simply signed up for too many classes (since I work full-time) and missed the drop date. I am now a jr. at a 4-year university and am struggling with an accelerated Pre-Calc and Trig course. I am still working full time, and have a full course load. I am barely passing the pre-cal/trig. I am tempted to stick it out, but if I didn’t pass, I’m thinking that would be worse than taking a W and re-taking it later. I have a 3.8 GPA, and the W won’t hurt that, but a D or F will. Not to mention, the school would allow me to re-take it, but said they won’t replace the original grade - so adcoms would see it. Is this a big deal?

Which is worse, two W’s or a D or F, that is replaced later by an A or B?I am an excellent student otherwise and am confident I will graduate with great grades.

Any advice?



You are right… a “W” is better than a “D” or an “F”, especially in light of your otherwise good GPA, just be aware they WILL ask you about it (probably on the “open records” interview) since it is so new (I actually got asked about a 20 year old “W”)

However, it is definitely “your bad” for trying to rush with some accelerated courses with an already full plate. That is all water under the bridge… what is done is done, do not let this wreck your goals… you need to sit down NOW and adjust your plan to make sure it NEVER happens again!

Remember NOBODY will give you a “pass” for finishing in a hurry or working full time etc, only rejections for not putting up the numbers, a 4.0 with 12 hours ALWAYS beats as 3.0 with 18 hours.

I appreciate your thoughts on this, thank you.

I would take Richard’s advice - I don’t know how favorably they look upon 2 W’s, but I do know how deadly an F can be to your GPA. Even if you retake the class, it will not replace your lower grade, which will be included in the BCPM and drag down your hard-earned 3.8. Depending on the statistics, it may even knock your GPA out of competition.

Someone on OPM once told me that applying as a nontrad is a marathon, not a sprint, and pacing is everything. That advice has definitely helped me throughout the years!