Hi everyone
Can anyone who has any firsthand experience with YSM please respond with their feedback? Especially people who have interviewed or are there or have gone there? I did a search and I think it’s one of the few schools that OPMs haven’t infiltrated and i was wondering if there was a reason. Is it as amazing as their marketing performance on their website suggests? no rush,since i am quite a ways away from applying. It’s my pipe dream school and I have been caught in dreamland the last week and would like some reality mixed in. Is it as big and scary and “snowball’s chance in hell”-esque as i think it is?

If we have someone at Harvard, we can have someone at Yale. Its up to you, your grades, and the Big Bad MCAT.

I interviewed there but will not hear either way until March. They do have non-trads there so it is a non-trad friendly school although I tend to think that most medical schools are non-trad friendly. It has a great curriculum with no grades and no exams. They do take anonymous exams online and get a grade and if they see their secret number with a fail grade it is on the honor system to go up to the professor and see about fixing this (retake the exam, remedial training, etc…) The school is great but there are a lot of great schools out there.

I’m also wondering about the success rate of nontrads applying to the Ivy league schools.