Yay, and Eep!

Well, having spent the first part of the semester as a non-degree student and paying tuition out of pocket, I finally found out today that I am accepted as a regular student for spring semester and will finally be eligible for financial aid.

I also have my first Gen Chem 1 test on Monday. And I am unspeakably nervous. My other half has told me as I’m going through practice exams to just show down and check my work, but for some reason, I can’t get over the feeling that even though I know there are much bigger challenges ahead of me, that I need to get past this first hurdle.

I’m trying to go with a quote I found in Julia Child’s autobiography: “Be fearless.” Trying for good thoughts.

Congrats on being accepted as a regular student. I bet that’s a load off! Best wishes for success on your exam and the rest of the semester!


Best of luck on your exam…I’ve got my first Organic exam this week too…I am super nervous but also excited becuase I KNOW this stuff finally.

Congrats on becoming a degree seeking student, that is great news…I was shocked when my financial aid app. was denied for the non-degree seeking thing…I have finally scraped up enough money to pay my tuiton this week! Hooray!

FYI - you ARE eligible for aid as a non-degree student if you are taking courses required for admission into a professional program. Many financial aid people seem to be unaware of this. Unfortunately, you are only eligible for 12 consecutive months of FA, so you may actually be better off as a degree seeking student for FA purposes.