year of Biology-question.

Ok, back in 99-00 I took Zoology at a 4 yr univ. and made a C and then the next semester I took Human Anatomy and made an A. I know that the med schools require a year of biology, but I don’t think there was a zoology II class. Since the Human anatomy course was also classified as a BIO course would it count as me having satisfied the year requirement taking those 2 courses? Note the Zoology was like a 1500 level course and the Human Anatomy was a 2000 level course. *the zoology was my first sem. in college hence the C. that class was HUGE!!! haha

I think they would probably classify as a year of biology, but most med schools are probably going to want to see some more recent coursework in biology than that. I don’t remember what your science background is though . . . they have been known to waive their age limits on coursework for students who have recent masters/phd work in the sciences.