Yet another GPA question (sorry)

I hate to keep asking GPA questions, but they all seem pretty important in figuring out a good plan to get where I need to be.

I know the AACOMAS calculates the GPA using the most recent grade for a course. But, what if you’ve taken a course more than twice? I took stats about 8 years ago and got a D, then again 4 years ago and got a F (very bad I know). Now I’m taking it for a 3rd time and I have a very high A. Will that A replace both grades for that class, or just one of them?


Send an email to AACOMAS and check about this situation.

That was a great idea. I e-mailed them and this was the reply I got:

“Thank you for your email – if you repeat a course, we only count the last time taken.”

Hopefully that helps anyone else who might have been wondering the same thing.


Wow! I wish that had been the rule when I was applying to med school. My ultra-shitty GPA would have been much much improved!