Yet another pre-med

Just wanted to introduce myself here. Have been on these forums for quite a long time, not sure I’ve ever really posted though. I am a 29 year-old husband/father/student trying to get everything in order for med school.

I got my BA in Philosophy: Professional and Applied Ethics in 2010, then got my EMT license in 2011 and have worked in an emergency room as a tech for the past year. I have volunteered with a community blood bank for about 1.5 years, and also with a hospice organization for about a year, total of about 250 hours between the two as of yet. I will be taking 1 year of classes at a local CC and then 1 year of classes at a local university, then plan on taking the MCAT and applying in 2014.

I always appreciate any advice or comments. I’ve been trying to squeeze in more time volunteering, but I work full-time and for me the clinical experience at the hospital is more valuable. I will be taking between 15-18 credit hours/semester in addition to working 2-3 12-hour shifts, but I feel that I will be able to manage it alright.

A few questions: I have not looked into shadowing very much since I spend so much time with doctors on a daily basis, but is this something that I should look into regardless? I volunteer as often as I can (without taking too much time away from my family), but am I doing enough or do I need a lot more before applying? What else could I be doing to improve not only my outlook of admission but also my ability to do well in medical school?

I’m happy to get out of the shadows here at OPM, and look forward to being more active here.

I would think that if you can get your letters of recomendation from the physicians you are working with that should suffice for the “shadowing”. The point of shadowing is to make sure people don’t jump blindly in to this field…since you are active in this field I am not sure if more shadowing will be any better… unless you maybe do a few shadow sessions in an outpatient setting so you can see what that is like.

More impartantly, do well in classes and rock the MCAT.

My 2 cents…I am sure some others will chime in.

With volunteering, I wouldn’t think that it’s the amount, but rather the quality and the fact that you have shown consistent commitment.

There are others on here that I think can give you better advice!

Well you’re way ahead of me in about everything other than age!! Ha. From those I have spoken with about this, I would say shadowing would be a waste of your time unless you had no interaction with the specific type of medicine you wish to practice. If you desire to work in a non-hospital setting, but all of your volunteer work/real work has been in the ED, then it might be worth your while.

Sounds like you are doing a respectable amount thus far, especially with having a family. No offense, but are you trying to make up for a lackluster GPA, or just trying to do as much as possible?

My .02