you can have my lucky copy of Audio Osmosis - free

I am giving away my copy of Examkrackers Audio Osmosis (original CDs, original package). It helped me score very well on the MCAT, and I got it from someone else who also did very well.
It’s free to the first person who sends me a PM with their name and full shipping address. I would prefer to give it to someone who is planning to take the April 2006 MCAT, and I would ask you to not make illegal copies or otherwise profit from it. Share the MCAT love!
best wishes to all

My name is Alana DeWalt and I will be taking the MCAT in April06
I would greatly appreciate the materials. Where can I send you my info?

Thanks to all who replied. My lucky copy of AO is on its way to “ixchel”.
good luck everyone!

hmmm…I haven’t been here for a day and I missed such an opportunity .
anyway - it’s really cool that you just decided to give away your AO for free!
If anyone wants to sell theirs I’ll buy it! I’m not going to start looking for it on E-bay or amazon for a week or so! so if someone wants to sell me his/hers just pm me, ok?

Mine is available to the first person to become a paying member of OPM. I ahve some other MCAT stuff I will gladly send to you as well.

I became a paying member Friday. Is the AO still available?