Your 20th or Xth HS reunion

I just got done with mine and I had a ball. Got to see some longtime friends I haven’t connected with in ages. Funny thing was most people who knew me recognized me but I failed to recognize them for the most part. ???
I think 80% have never left the area for any significant amount of time except for college. Out of a Class of 900, 300+ showed up and it was mainly the one’s who were very active in HS to begin with! :D
One thing I did notice: none of us is at the same weight we were at in HS.
Anyone else go to a reunion and what was your experience?

Interesting topic. I graduated from Boone High School in Orlando, Florida in 1976, so had my 20 year reunion a few years back. Gosh does time fly! I too had a great time and look forward to the next get together. For me it was easier to recognize the girls than the guys. A number of the “women” had put on a few pounds (myself included), but the “men” were a different story. Many of them had put on more than a few pounds, and lost their hair along the way! :p
I attended with a girlfriend who graduated from the same class and we had a blast! I will never forget this reunion, because on the way to dinner I stopped and had my belly button pierced! I don’t know what struck me, if it was a mid-life thing or what! :p I’ve kept it pierced, and love it!

Well I didn’t get my belly button pierced, but I did have a great time.
I graduated from Colonial HS Queen!! Class of 82!! My god we are rivals!! :D :D :laugh:

We went to my 15th HS reunion a few years back ('93); didn't make the 20th. It struck me how some people, like our former Miss Maine, looked essentially the same (weight, hair, gait/posture, etc.) and other people had aged beyond recognition. Education, careers, intelligence and being proactive in one's life seemed to be the determining factors in this. One guy looked about 60, but he's of unfortunately low wattage and was remedial in HS. It's a fairly immobile community and most graduates run into each other around town… I'm an escapee .
It was a neat, but odd. The people who had started smoking ages ago were now smoking like chimneys. The jocks now had guts. The women had hair, the men frequently did not. Some had found lots of extra pounds. But we had a good time. Talked with nearly everyone…about 75 came out of a class of 162.

Funny you mentioned jocks, two of my friends were on the FB team and both looked almost identical to the way they looked in 1982 when I left them.
Balding syndrome was common. I found a few ladies who were sulry and thin and full of themselves and wouldn't come within 10 feet of me, almost grossly overweight and couldn't wait to say hi to me. Very funny.
Some friends I grew up with said their parents are still living in the same house as they were when we were in elementary school. Unbelievable!! :lol
We had a Friday night mixer where we basically took over a bar and grill. I missed the Saturday evening ball, but made the Sunday BBQ. Kids were rampant. I had only one classmate who out did me for kids. They had 5! (Whew, I was afraid of being the highest grossing member of 82) One couple had been together since 3 weeks following graduation and more than a few had divorced 3 times.

did you own up to being a pre-med - and if so - what kind of reactions did you get ?

Interesting topic and when which has been on my mind lately. I graduated high school in 1982 and, call me crazy, but I love these kind of things. I've been looking forward to the the 20th reunion since my sister went to her's a couple of years ago. I had a great time at the 10th.
I was anticipating that it would be this coming Thanksgiving (lately that weekend has worked well for the reunions from our hometown), but just found out from a friend that no-one from out class is planning…so it looks like there won't be one.
I'm quite bummed, but unfortunately not bummed enough to plan the thing. I live about 400 miles away and with work, school, young kids, etc; I know it would be taking on more than I can handle at this point.
I also wondered how/if I would have discussed plans to go to medical school.

I didn’t go to my 10th (graduated in ‘90, I’m a youngun’) because I was ashamed that I never finished college or went to med school AND I had a hormonal disorder which had caused me to gain nearly 50 pounds in under 3 months and took FOREVER to lose. (which I finally did - phew!!) Now that my life is completely turned around, I am definitely going to the 20th! It sounds like you guys had a great time.
I am also curious if you guys had owned up to being pre-med or not. I would think you would only get positive reactions. People seem to get much nicer as they age. :;):

Quote (LisaS @ July 22 2002 6:03 pm)
did you own up to being a pre-med - and if so - what kind of reactions did you get ?

I did own up to it and generally got raving sentiments, except from one girl who went into nursing and said I was an idiot to go into medicine and ...yada yada yada, but she was actually shot down by 4 other people standing around talking in that group so...
All my close HS friends were very supportive and eager to hear how it was going via email.
Lots of Palm Pilot beaming going on in certain corners....

I missed my 20 year reunion due to a friend’s wedding. According to some of my friends who attended, I didn’t miss much! I grew up in a very small town and the majority of my classmates remained after graduation.
The people who never left have been immersed in the “Keep up with the Jones” lifestyle for the past 20 years!
Jeff in Seattle

I went to my 20th reunion last year. Most of the girls were heavier but easily recognizable. It was the guys who made me go “Whoa!!” Many of them didn’t even look like they did when they were younger (and the aging wasn’t good!) Most were friendly, though the jocks did stand around in their little clutch. The food and drinks at the hotel (Little Rock) was awful!!! The BBQ the next day was at Burns Park in the middle of July. Our “planners” really screwed up. However, it was worth my $70 for one reason: A girl who was in some of my classes and a drill team member who taunted me about my weight in high school, she came, slightly heavier, but looking very “hookerish” in a short black cocktail dress and overdone makeup and proceeded to get drunk, bump and grind on the dance floor, kept cursing loudly, and totally looked CHEAP!!! Out of a class of about 450, we had about 100 + SO, mostly the “proud crowd” (as we called the popular people). Not ONE of our AFrican American classmates!