2008 Interviews

Hold onto your shorts >> here goes another round!

Woo hoo!

I have an interview at CCOM on 9/21!!!

Way to go Megboo! Good luck.

Congrats. Good Luck.

Praise the Lord! I know you will knock one out of the park! It is exciting to hear about - keep them coming!

Yay! How exciting! I wish the best for you, Megboo.


i think the official invite letters are being mailed on Monday so if anyone else applied, keep your eyes open!

Yay! Hang in there, guys! The fun is just starting!

Also, I’ve checked on my apps at other schools and because I was super early and the majority of applicants this year are not, committee reviews are happening later, at least that’s what I’m being told from school to school.

Yay - another interview!!!

DMU on 9/14

Woohoo! Go knock 'em dead!

Megboo did you apply to Mayo?


I’m so happy for you Megboo!

I did, but my MCAT score really sucked. I’m taking it again on 9/7 so we’ll see. All MD schools have “frozen” my application until my 2nd scores come out.

It will be interesting to take it without hives this time

way to go Megboo! I hope you have 20 more! I should retake my MCAT but I will in the Spring if I don’t get in this time around.

haven’t checked in for a while- Creighton interview for early October!

I’m in megboo’s shoes- need that 2nd score to come back before I think I’ll really start hearing anything…

WOW! awesome jlw! I hope you get many more too! I am still waiting and hoping that I at least get 1 interview - I think I will be ecstatic so I know you are too and that is fantabulous! Let us know how it goes!

I logged on to the Temple secondary application website to check on my status of materials sent. The status on your website reads:

Letters of Recommendation Evaluator College/Org Receipt Date

Interfolio Texas A & M U-Main Campus 08/03/2007

The letters of recommendation were sent electronically through interfolio on 8/1/07 as a packet of several individual letters:

  1. Microbiology Professor

  2. Organic Chemistry Professor

  3. NASA Astronaut Chief

  4. M.D. Mentor

    I just want to make sure they received these letters from interfolio and perhaps they are just listed under the title of your main undergraduate campus to keep it simple? I don’t want to bug them about it because they specifically say not to contact them regarding status.

    any ideas? has anyone encountered this before?

I didn’t apply at Temple so I don’t have anything to compare to… but from the wording, it sounds like they received all of them.

I have one school (can’t remember which at the moment) that said they received a “committee” packet, when in fact they were sent as individual letters via Interfolio. As long as it says they have them, that’s good enough for me.

So far had interviews at DMU and CCOM. Waitlisted at DMU, awaiting CCOM decision.

Today I just received an invite for WVSOM!

Any alumi/current students there?