2009 Admissions

This one is probably a bit early, but who cares? As soon as you get those “Yes Letters” and finally drift down off of cloud nine - take a few moments to update your friends & supporters here on OPM.

Oooooh, yeah! I got a call yesterday from Oklahoma State COM. My letter is on the UPS truck. I still have interviews scheduled, but the pressure is off. We’re going to medical school, Love. Enough…let the band play on!

Congratulations! Welcome to the world of med students.

Congratulations!!! And Happy Thanksgiving!

  • ViceroyPlain05 Said:
Oooooh, yeah! I got a call yesterday from Oklahoma State COM. My letter is on the UPS truck. I still have interviews scheduled, but the pressure is off. We're going to medical school, Love. Enough...let the band play on!

Good job Viceroy! It's a great school. I'm jealous--I applied to that school and visited them a couple of times, hoping for an invite because I grew up there, but they didn't bite.

Now enjoy your last 7-8 months of freedom!
  • ViceroyPlain05 Said:
Oooooh, yeah! I got a call yesterday from Oklahoma State COM. My letter is on the UPS truck.

CONGRATS!! That is awesome news!




This IS a rather special time for you isn’t it? The “big letter” IS, in my book, the prima facie testimony to your hard work, tenacity and faith!

Congratulations on a job well done! Being a soon-to-be neighbor to the north, I can certify that OSU, has a splendid reputation! I know a number of their students… mighty sharp troops to be sure!

I hope you are in a position to step back unwind and treat yourself to a NICE, stress free holiday! Most others, as you are well aware, are still “sweating it out” at this point!

As I recall, that last spring as an undergrad for me was sublime, I actually took a “sight seeing” course or two and got to finally “stand down” just a bit and “smell the flowers”

You might tuck this away in your memory for future reference: Wichita is a common destination for “away rotations” for both MD and DO students should you want to do so (the occasion where I have met several OSU folks). Often student will do a Sub-I to sort of “pre-interview” with a residency program they are interested in.

The interesting part is that students who do rotate here have the inside track and are considered “home-grown” as far as being considered for a spot! I know several OSU colleagues in residency who I met on a Sub-I

Wichita is VERY pro-student, med students are welcomed and ubiquitous, the teaching culture is in-grained in the medical society and culture. We are fed nearly EVERY day, invited and included! We are encouraged to participate in the medical society activities and training. The medical society always springs for students registration fees and even hotels.

As an example, last year the medical society coughed up the bread for all the students on IM to go to the ACP conference in Kansas City. Students have access to all the clinical areas in the four hospitals; over 900 beds city-wide (the most in Kansas).

Via Christi is a TOP FM residency program (and has as many DO’s as MD’s), one of the first three FM residencies in the nation…

So if you get to a place when you want to do a 4th year sub-i or elective by all means give us a crack! I would be glad to help get you in touch with the right contact person when the time comes!



This is not related to this thread necessarily.

Since time has fairly flown this last 6 months for me anyway, I noted your name tag said “WVSOM Class of 2009”. It hit me all of a sudden that we have only a few weeks left in 2008 and that you seem to have ONLY about 6 months to go. Certainly coming OUT of the FOURTH TURN and are fixin’ to cross the finish line and SOON!

You may have discussed this elswhere… but I was curious, WHAT specialty are you thinking about? Have you been interviewing a lot…or a little?

And a follow-up… Over the last four years have your inclinations changed… are you still headed for the specific specialty you came in the front door with? If not, was it sort of a “clarification” of a different aspect of “primary care” like me deciding on Med/Peds instead of FM, or is it something altogether different? like radiology to surgery.



I’ve been here forever. Internal medicine is my choice. Started out thinking family med, but changed my mind. Lots more interesting stuff in my diary entries about school, rotations, residency application and interviews. Have fun reading it all!


I’m in too. I live in Texas and got two prematch offers in Nov: Texas A&M and TCOM. As of now, I’m heading to A&M, but the match on Feb 1 will decide it. Been a long road: declared academic fresh start in Jan 05 and started from scratch as a true freshman (again). Worked full time the whole way and just graduated magna from Univ TX Dallas earlier this month. By August 09, I’ll be settling into a groove at medical school. Oh, I just turned 39 It can be done!

GRATS!!! !!!

From one UTDallas alum to another - CONGRATULATIONS! I found myself very well prepared for medical school from my tenure at UTD. I hope you will as well.

Regarding “pre-match”: I thought that was a big no-no with the TX Match system?

Whatever the case, take the money & run!


Thanks to all of you for your sentiments, and special thanks to you, Dr. Boyd for the welcome to the region. Your advice is noted, saved, and backed-up for future reference. My friends have told me that Joplin, MO is also very welcoming to students which makes NE Oklahoma more appealing still.

Haven’t been on in a while. But I thought I would update. I got my letter last week from EVMS, Eastern Virginia Medical School. I am ecstatic and still have another interview in a week at VCU. A little in shock that Med school is going to happen.

Way to go on those interviews! I love hearing about the success stories! Makes it all real for me.


Congratulations on EVMS. And good luck in Richmond next week!