2010-2011 Interviews and Acceptances

Post your interviews and acceptances here!!!

So, I had my first interview on July 16 at LECOM-E. I find it difficult to tell how it went, I guess I’ll know in the next few weeks when they send out acceptances/rejections.

I have my next interview at LECOM-B at the end of August.

So wish me luck.

Best wishes!!! I hope you do well.

Congrats on the first LECOM interview. I think it’s always hard to tell how it went till after the fact.

Good luck later this month!


Accepted to LECOM-Erie!

Wow, that’s great! Congratulations! But wait. If you accept, when do you start? This August or next?

Congratulations! That is wonderful. I’m a bit behind the curve due to late MCAT but I’ve applied to LECOM too (fingers crossed).

It is so nice to have one acceptance under your belt already!

Congratulations on such an early acceptance!

It will give you more than enough time to get all your things in order before you have to start next summer!!!

So happy for you!


I work with a lot of your classmates, many of them are from the Buffalo area and come back for away rotations. Great people!

congrats!!! Now enjoy your time.

  • Dullhead Said:
Wow, that's great! Congratulations! But wait. If you accept, when do you start? This August or next?

I would start in 2011. Its so exciting, and its a relief to know that I was accepted since its been such a long road. Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes, and all the advice I've read here in the last couple of years.

Fabulous! Congratulations!!!


that is wonderful news…congratulations!!!



I was just curious:

Have you decided to go to LECOM or are you waiting to hear back from other schools?

The really crazy thing is that LECOM is not following AACOMAS traffic rules this year…instead, I have until Aug 25 to put down a $1500 deposit to hold my place. Since I have been going to school and having kids the last few years, I have a very limited amount of money to work with. I really like LECOM’s program, especially the whole PBL thing, but I’m not so sure about living in Erie. My husband was born and raised here in Southern California, so I am having a hard time picturing him living in Erie. So, I have an interview at LECOM-Bradenton in a couple of weeks, and that may be a better fit. But what if I give up my spot and I don’t get in anywhere else? Or do I fork over the $1500 and see what happens the rest of the cycle? Or do I steam ahead and plan on Erie even though I’m not sure about how well that fits my family? So, I have a lot of thinking to do in the next couple of weeks. Any input is appreciated.

I wish I had some information for you. I am still learning about this process myself. You just need more time to see what else is out there before making your final decision. I don’t know if there is some way to get more time from admissions. You really need advice on this: maybe you can post this as a separate topic so that more OldPreMed people chime in.

For my part: I am in the same situation with my spouse (my husband is planning to do a post-doc next year and I have been trying to apply in areas where I think he might have opportunities). My husband is even from Northeast PA but I could tell that he was less than thrilled about Erie though he was trying to be diplomatic because it is “my turn” to go back to school :slight_smile: I’m applying broadly because I really want to get in somewhere in this cycle but your stats are much better than mine so you might have more offers coming your way.

I completely understand not wanting to give up a spot but $1500 is a lot to lose especially if money is tight.

Congrats. that really is soooo cool…

If you are really unsure about the Erie campus (which it sounds like you are) you may want to use the $1500 to keep that door open while you continue your interviews elsewhere.

I ended up having to withdraw a lot of applications before having had my (scheduled) interview or before hearing from the schools, but for me, I was pretty sure I wanted to go to the school I decided to go with. I had an early date from LECOM as well, but luckily had heard back from my number 1 choice before I had to give them a deposit.