2010 Interviews Acceptance

Can we have a sticky for this? I’d love to hear how things are progressing for everyone this year. I applied to one school (crazy, I know), and have an interview Tuesday! KUSOM. Fingers crossed.

I stumbled upon this site more than 2 years ago, and I’m feeling nostalgic about how much moral support and encouragement has come from everyone here. (I kind of love you guys.) Can’t believe I actually have an interview for med school. Surreal and so good.

I was accepted to LECOM - Greensburg PA campus. Posted this originally under 2009 acceptances, but it is for the term beginning in 2010. I hope your interview(s) go well.

Congratulations, Doug!

What is your background, age, story, etc., so that we have an idea of your experiences leading up to acceptance?



Congrats, Doug!!!

hope to hear good news from you, overthemoon!

I was accepted at several schools, and will be going to WVSOM!


The short version of my story goes something like this. BS from Carnegie Mellon University in Biological Sciences, but with 3 years of Chemical Engineering - and a severely wounded GPA. I worked and took post-bac couses, got 2 masters degrees ( Education and Business). After getting turned down in the late 90’s, I walked away from premed and focused on my career.

Fast forward to 2003,my wife ( we married in 2004) thought I should go for it again, since being a physician was a lifelong dream. So I started doing a self-designed post-bac program again. April 2007, took the MCAT 34 P ( 14 Physics, 11 Bio 9 Verbal) and was again unssucessful. Undaunted, I applied for 2010 and had 1 interview and was admitted .

So, I will be starting medical school at the age of 50. I am eager to start and looking forward to the challenges. I’ve been to 2 previous OPM conferences and I hope to be at this years’ as well.

Hopefully we will hear of more acceptances as the season goes on.

I was accepted to the UCLA/Drew Medical Education Program last week. I am over the moon! It’s been a long journey for me too. I will be 34yo when I matriculate this summer.

Just wanted to share the good news with my fellow OPM’ers. I’ve been through lots of lows during this emotional rollercoaster of applying to med school and reading these stories of others in a similar boat has been very encouraging.

Despite all the sacrifices I’ve made, it’s been totally worth it and I know it will continue to be worth it

my story: UCLA BS degree doing pre-med/engineering. decided to go engineering route and was totally not satisfied. Columbia University MS degree in Bioengineering thinking I’d like working in health field. still totally not satisfied. after 4 years at my pharma consulting firm, decided to jump into med school mode. took a 2 month unpaid leave of absence to study MCAT. 33Q. got laid off from my job as secondaries began pouring in. 30 applications, 4 interviews, 1 acceptance (maybe more coming??)

My profile is also on MDApps for those who are curious: http://www.mdapplicants.com/profile.php?id=18245

That MD Applicants website is scary. I think it would have discouraged me or made me crazy :slight_smile:

Congratulations Twistqueen! Looking at the Drew/UCLA website, it seems to be a wonderful program. Good luck on your journey, esp the next 4 years.

Congratulation you are really an inspiratiopns to me who has the same dream in becoming a doctor. Continue to keep in touch.

Has anyone applied to Temple’s post bacc? Heard from them?

I just got accepted to the Touro, CA campus DO program!

Short story: Age=40.

Junior college after active duty - transfered to UC Berkeley and graduated with a BS in Physics but a 2.74 GPA. Worked for 10 years in applied Physics research (several publications). Barely got accepted to the Berkeley Extension Postbac program 2 years ago. Completed my prereqs (Bio1,2 OChem1, 2 Biochem, Genetics, Stats) while working full time. (3.6 GPA in Postbac). Over all GPA 3.48, Science GPA 3.26. MCAT 36 (11B 12P 13V). I only applied to the California MD schools and 5 DO schools. Three interviews requested from DO, Zero from MD schools. My goal was to stay near home, now I can!


you are an inspiration. My congratulations and I hope you enjoy your new journey. This will be wonderful. I will look up to you in the hope that I will one day write such a post.

Take care and have fun.


I have interviews at LECOM and PNWU coming up, anyone else had any experience with them?

Congrats and good luck on the interviews!

Layne Tapper

Interviewed at Pacific Northwest on Friday, had a great time, loved the staff and faculty. I must say that it took a little getting used to the single building after interviewing at a large campus, but it was all very focused on education instead of simple window dressing. The interview was with a PhD and a D.O. faculty member, mine being the team that teaches pathology. They were both very personable and put me at ease immediately. The interview consisted of 21 standardized questions, all common questions, none out of left field. I’m off to Florida for 3 interviews, wish me luck!


good luck. It seems that you did a great job applying with all these interviews. Would you mind summarizing you background?

Again congrats on the interviews and good luck.