2014-2015 Application Cycle

Got a letter from LSU this morning - placed on their No Final Action list. So, I likely won’t hear anything else from them for a few months. I hate all this waiting.

Just got accepted off the waitlist at KCUMB. Decision, decision, decision… I have withdrawn my acceptance from WVSOM. Now it’s between Meharry, Rocky Vista and KCUMB.

Nice to have choices! I don’t know much about rocky vista, but the fact that it is a for-profit school turned me off when I was applying.

One of my docs went to KCUMB and she is awesome.

Patkay, I’ve taught residents from all three schools and all have been well-prepared. One of my current interns is from Rocky Vista – possibly the first graduating class? – and she is fantastic. Hit the ground running last July and scored above the mean on her DO inservice training exam (practice boards) last month. Wish I had 10 more like her.

I haven’t been on OPM much lately, but just wanted to wish a hearty congratulations to all who are in the application process. Acceptances, waitlists, rejections – they’re all part of the game. Best wishes to those of you still waiting, and congrats to those of you who have already made it in!

Looks like I’m staying at my home state school in Utah (my first choice!!!). Got accepted on Friday and I withdrew from all my other acceptances and upcoming interviews. And so ends the application cycle for me.

Good luck to all of you still waiting and congrats to the ones with an acceptance somewhere.

The support on this forum has been priceless through the whole process.

Congrats patkay, enjoy your success!

Woo hoo, patkay! That’s great.

Got my acceptance from LSU-NO this morning. I’m going to medical school!


Wooo! Way to go!

Happy for you bennard. Enjoy the ride!

After a 3 year DIY post-bac program, arduous study for the MCAT, and a lllloooooonnnnngg application cycle, I just gained acceptance at a MD school in the States. I applied to 35 schools, interviewed at a handful, have been waitlisted at a few…and finally an acceptance! I’m pleased and very grateful.

Oldpremeds has consistently been a great resource for me over the years, and I’ve appreciated the enthusiasm, and inspiration all along.

I don’t want to sound cliché, but I think taking this whole process one step/day/moment at a time is the best. If I had imagined the road at the beginning as what I can look back and see, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. However-when I decided to take a few classes, and re-evaluate after a semester, that was reasonable. Then a few more, and then a few more, and then the MCAT…you get my drift. It just really required a lot of perseverance. I post this here because I know some folks read this section to just keep going on the journey!

Of course, medical school is still ahead! I know that this will be a different and likely more challenging path, but I’ll cross that bridge soon!

Been off the boards for a while, but wanted to let everyone know that I was accepted to Case Western SoM in Nov. and will start July 8th! It’s been an incredible journey and the advice, feedback, and overall support from the folks on OPM have been outstanding - thank you! If anyone has any questions, feel free to send me PM. Very excited for the next step!

Quick background: 13 years at a multinational company,Mech. Eng., married to an incredible wife and have 3 young kids, soon to reside in mother in law’s basement :slight_smile:

Congrats KYJoe! We’re in similar places. I’m an EE with about 13 years of experience and 2 young kids. Wish we had a relative’s basement to reside in, though.

That relatives basement thing is the best thing EVER!!! Congrats!!

That relatives basement thing is the best thing EVER!!! Congrats!!

Congratulations to all who have been accepted! I am also going to my state school (UVa) this summer. I am very grateful for the support and friendship that I have received through oldpremed. Thank you!