49 and determined!

I went back to college in my early 40s and graduated in 07. When US med schools didn’t show me love I applied Caribbean and was accepted to St. George’s, but decided not to attend primarily for financial reasons. Now I’m halfway through a Biology MS program and studying for a retake of me MCAT (grrr!) this summer. REALLY determined, more than ever… and much more confident having learned tons from going through the process before.

I remembered this site but couldn’t remember my old login info, so made a new one. Glad to be back:-)

Now back to completing my AMCAS app… I’ll be a little late in the cycle since not retaking the MCAT til July, but my AMCAS should be submitted in a week.

Cheering for us old folks who run circles around the younger folks and get the amazing privilege of living the life we always dreamed of! (Remind me I said that when I’m reviewing Physics wondering why my brain just plain doesn’t go there…)


good luck! physics is my worst subject too–for some reason my brain “just doesn’t go there” either!

You should be fine on timing with the July MCAT. If you’re taking it 7/6 like me, your scores will be released by beginning of August. Most schools don’t even look at apps until middle of August. My advisor said it’s because adcoms are spending time orienting the incoming class and squeezing the last bit of life out of their summer before the onslaught of applications and interviews. Some schools post on their website exactly when they begin reviewing apps - my top choice doesn’t start until 8/15. So don’t worry - you won’t be “behind” at all

I loved physics. It helped me understand chemistry even better - the why it worked as it did vs. just memorize equations and what-not.

I loved force, exertion, arcs… yep, I loved the math parts.

Now, if I could have just finished my pre-reqs, I’d be getting ready with the rest of you (I’m 46, and will be almost 47 when applying)

Hi there 49 and determined. Me too, do you know of anyone who started at our age and what they specialised in? I need to know for my application as no one as old as me has applied before. Any help spreading the message would be appreciated.

Hussar01 - You should take a look in the OPM Diaries forum on here. There’s a couple people who started around, if not exactly, at your age.


Linda Wilson


There probably are others too.

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Hussar01 - You should take a look in the OPM Diaries forum on here. There's a couple people who started around, if not exactly, at your age.


Linda Wilson


There probably are others too.

Yes, but their situation is not applicable to the OP; the OP is in the UK and the educational system is vastly different over there. Even the degrees are different. For example, we don't have MBBS degrees in the US and they don't have DO degrees in the UK. Most people on these forums only have experience with or knowledge of US & Canadian (and maybe some Caribbean) schools and their requirements. The application process, admissions exams, age limits for applying, pre-reqs, presence or absence of alternate accession routes (e.g. SMP, post-bac, community college) are all vastly different overseas. I'm not even sure there is a mechanism for completing pre-med pre-reqs in the UK or anywhere outside of North America unless you are a trad student. What counts as good advice for American non-trad pre-meds may not be applicable to foreigners. Non-trads, as we Americans define them, are virtually unheard of overseas.

Maybe OPM needs an international forum? There does seem to be an increasing number of people joining OPM from overseas lately.

I think (s)he posted elsewhere asking for examples in the US that (s)he could use in the UK. Because (s)he expected or already had interviewers asking for such examples. But agreed that it’s a different situation.


I’ve been asked to find examples and there are a few so I’ll chase those up. In the UK, we have ‘access courses’ for older students ie over 21’s. There is no legal age limit and no legal retirement age now in the UK. The medical degree is 5yrs min + 2 yrs post degree hospital training. In Scotland the degree costs £3000 for each of the 5 yrs, In England it costs £9000 for each of the 5 yrs. I guess I’m the only one applying at age 49, and I’ve been given the reasonable excuse; you won’t be able to give back enough years after qualifying. Anyway if I get through I’ll get back to you all. Really appreciate the feedback

I had a friend who went to Ross in the Carribean. She said the oldest person in her class was a guy who was 63. (don’t know if he was starting or finishing at that age.).

Live your dream my friend! Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Remember, one of my favorite authors, Michael Crichton, went to Harvard medical school, graduated, and never practiced. I’m not judging his life, but if you “give back as they put it” one year, it’ll be one year more than him!

Good luck to you!


Hi! I started at 53, just finished my first year of med school (so now am 54). One statistic that might be helpful is age of physicians at retirement. In the US, many physicians continue to practice far past their 60’s. I’m counting on being one of them. If you could point to similar examples, that might help show potential “years of usefulness”.