A setback

When I got off work Friday, I began to experience severe L chest pain and SOB. Fearing the worst…went to the ER. Thankfully, my ticker is 100% OK. But I have a L lung pneumonia. I find this totally bizarre, as I never had a sniffle or a cough, or a sneeze. It is deep in the lower lobe. No wonder I have felt exhausted for the last week!! Rest, juice, and antibiotics…Sneaky little pathogen!!!

So happy for you that it is “only” pneumonia! Get well soon (I love this little guy, and figure he can represent you kicking the bug’s butt!)

Oh yeah, take care of the little heart of yours and may you feel well soon. Happy to see it’s nothing concerning.

Discovered today that there isn’t anything that can’t be rescheduled - Final evals for student interns, calculus exams, tutoring sessions, and oh yeah, work. My PCP said at least a week off work. Just not the enjoyable kind!

Not getting better yet. As a highly driven overachiever, it is ridiculously hard to sit still, drink juice, eat chicken soup and take naps. Every effort I make to do something more than those 4 things results in complete exhaustion. Physician, heal thyself!!

VickiV -

My sympathies. Have had pneumonia a number of times and I finally learned, you don’t get better unless you rest. But the body is capable of self-healing, given the resources.

Lots of garlic and onion in the chicken soup doesn’t hurt


Follow up with PCP today. I am out of work for another whole week. Ugh!

Take care of yourself VickiV! Pneumonia knocked me for a loop a few years back. Had to take 5 weeks of work. Hopefully yours will vamoose soon!!