AACOMAS- Continuing Ed section-- what to list?

Hey guys!

In the AACOMAS application after transcript entry there is a section to enter non-credited course work (I’ll copy the exact instructions below). My question is what exactly is appropriate to list here? I am a Level-2 certified yoga teacher and nationally certified massage therapist (which I talk about in other areas of my app, should I list those things??

Thanks for any insight!


This section is used for non-accredited military coursework and other non-accredited continuing education coursework (EMT licensure, CNA licensure, etc.). Students should upload a certificate of completion, unofficial grade report, or course completion certificate accordingly.

Non-accredited military coursework: For non-accredited military coursework, please review the individual AACOMAS program and College Information Book page to determine if an official Joint Service Transcript is required for each institution to which you apply. Note: If military coursework was completed at an accredited military institution, this information should be entered through the regular coursework section.

I would think you should include both - had lots of massage therapists in my med school class. I included ACLS, ALSO (advanced life support in obstetrics), and a midwifery refresher certificate.