About 18 months out

Hi all!!

I’m 18 months from applying. I’m taking my pre-meds, have only 4 semesters to go, studying for MCAT (I’m doing TBR and reading and re-reading it over and over to learn the info). I shadow my docs when they’re in the room with the patients, asking them questions, etc (I’m an RN).

When can I start collecting LOR’s?

Where do I have them sent to ~ the AAMC and the Texas version (I’m here in Texas)?

Sending transcripts from schools I will never attend again…can I start now or wait until I’m six months out?

Any other advice to get the ball rolling is VERY welcome!!

I would collect LOR’s within a year of applying, or 6 months. Hold off on transcript requests till the AAMC application opens (say January or something of the year you are applying.) Then start the application AND start requesting transcripts to be sent. If you want to get your own copy now, you could do that, and start a file for how to get transcripts from your various schools. However, that may not be as much of a need as I had, since I’d taken undergrad and grad courses at 7 universities.

Do you have all your prerequisites completed?


Thanks Kate for the great advice!! I’ll keep a look out January 2014 for the opening of the application. I have many transcripts to retrieve, about 10.

Other than an old biology (which I’m retaking next term) and micro, I’m in the process of completing my pre-req’s.

Do you work as an RN PRN somewhere during your breaks? I’m curious if we are able to since we cannot work lower than what our license states (RN can’t work as an LVN/LPN) and if when we pass our 3rd year COMLEX or USEMLE (something like that), that’s a license above an RN?? I’m confused

I worked as an RN during the glide year. You CAN work as an RN even if you have an MSN. Lots of nurse practitioners may work “under” their license level. Don’t think that extends to LPN/RN.

After your third year COMLEX (level 2) you are NOT licenced. Only licensed after level 3 AND graduating from med school AND applying for state licensing and jumping thru their hoops (as far as I understand it).

I haven’t worked during the breaks. Only 8 weeks between 1st and 2nd year and that was too short. Only 2 weeks between 2nd and 3rd, which I spent studying for and taking step 1 of COMLEX, then jumped right into third year rotations in June.