About me and some questions!

Im a 33 y.o. guy, not married or no kids and graduated from state college in 2004 w/ a B.s. in “Advertising”! what a Joke! I couldn’t get a job in this field to save my life. I did have a minor in Biology…which i only took as filler classes b/c i liked em. Good thing b/c I went back to state at 29 to finish my Bs in General Bio. I realized that all along I was never interested in “Advertising” and because it never challenged me. I never realized that my lackluster performance and 2.5 cum gpa was b/c I was BORED!! Man do I wish I wouldve realized this before I layed out 50 grand and maxed my student loans on a bullshit degree! So PostBacc, Ive since taken Anatomy / Physiology / some upper Bio, with A"s and about 15 credit hours away from finishing my b.s in BIO. I still need chemistry 2, Organic 1 and 2. and Maybe Genetics and Stats… Im also in EMT school now and graduate in one month. So my question is does anyone think I have a chance in hell of getting into med school or PA school with a 2.75 cum gpa and 3.5 postbacc. Man a 2.5 is hard to raise when you have 150 credit hours under your belt!!! I absolutely have my heart in medicine. I spend my free time and weekend nights reading my chem books for fun! I watch only med related tv shows. I LOVE SCIENCE and would NOT be happy doing ANYTHING else!! Just some advice b/c i dont think i could settle for being a PARAMEDIC i want to be a PA or Doc…AM i toooo OLD?? should I cut my losses and forget it?? Also, Im OUT OF money and can’t get any loans to finish a 2nd bachelor’s, only grad student loans. Does anyone know of a post bacc program that would qualify for GRAD LOANS…so i could pay for it and get in w/ a 2.75?? If I had one wish it would be to do college ALL OVER AGAIN!!! can anyone relate to this?! thanks guys, I appreciate everyone here and hope to talk to you all!

Hello there and welcome to old pre meds, you are among kindred spirits.

First and foremost, calm down. Take a deep breath in and let it out. Now, relax.

You are not too old. One of our board members graduated from medical school in her 50’s and we have a member who is a first year medical student at 50-ish. There is nothing you can do about your past, it is there and you need to realize that it is a part of who you are. Don’t dwell on it because there is nothing you can do about. Always look forward, never backwards.

Regarding your financial question, the best bet is to contact your financial aid office and talk to them about your situation. They are the best read regarding these issues.

Good luck and welcome.

With your low GPA, you can also look to the Caribbean medical schools. There are three that you can get licensed in all 50 states (AUC, ROSS, and SGU). Ross has accepted students with low MCAT’s (low 20’s) and low GPA’s (not sure how low) … Go to ValueMD.com and check out their forums.

I plan (God willing) on going to AUC or SGU (SGU is the better of the three for what I have been told) … or Ross if I blow the MCAT. Don’t give up. If you are really passionate about becoming a doctor then you are more than halfway there already.

I can relate to you somehow…I’m 33, I have a B.A. and an M.A., both in Advertising too…I haven’t taken any post-bacc courses yet…and to make things worse, I’m not a US citizen or even living in the US…So as you can see I’m in a much worse situation than yours but still aspiring to become an MD!

Keep up, trust me!

First of all, I agree with what Gabe said. “Too old” ?! . (I’m the 50-ish first year med student he mentioned)

I would not worry about if the clock is ticking (because your age is not the issue, really Instead I would bear in mind some advice you’ll read elsewhere on this board - realize you are in a marathon, not a sprint.

So, how can you both address the financial limitations you are facing now and increase the strength of your application.

First - you mention being about to graduate as an EMT. I would definately begin working as an EMT, to develop credibility in having an contact with the medical field. I’d also not put finishing your biology degree as the top priority. Instead, it might be good to get the best-paying job that is of interest to you possible (or possibly 2 jobs!). A year (or more) working and paying a bit down on your student loans will put you in a better position. Just several months might get you to being able to afford some further college classes. In this case, anything but organic chemistry you might take at a community college (weighing price in there). Organic chem would be probably be the most important to take at a four year college. Think of investing the next year or two in getting in a beter financial position and taking courses to finish your prereqs and your biology degree. Take the orgo. at the college BEFORE finishing your degree and you will still have preferential registration.

This way, you can skip a formal post-bacc program. You will be concentrating on a good academic performance NOW, mastering the material, prepping VERY well for MCAT’s, and not focusing on taking courses to “treat” the gpa.

Not sure completing the BS is really necessary or helpful but you are so close, benefits probably outweigh the cost.

When you apply to medical school, I’d strongly suggest you plan on a scholarship program rather than loans to finance your education = either a primary care scholarship (if you are interested in going into primary care) or a military one. There is a LOT more money you can borrow for medical school but there is a total limit and with your current debt, you might run out of loan money before you have paid for 4 years of school.( a much worse time to be out of money than your current one!).

That’s all I can think of now - I’m no expert but have researched the money aspect a bit

Best of luck and welcome!


Thanks for the encouragement Frer…

I don’t know much at all about what it takes to gain US residency…so I d k what to really say about that… but you seem like a positive person and thats over half the battle too! Im sure you will make progress! Let me know if there is any advice I might be able to offer about Midwest Schools, grad and undergrad… etc. I do know alot about most. Im from Indiana. Thanks again!


Thanks to everyone else too …Esp. Kate for your long and insightful reply, Everyones advice and words have been positively encouraging and very helpfull! You guys are awesome!

Thanks! I have looked into the big 3 carribs before maybe need to some more… although I heard there are some drawbacks like, gaining residency in the US and some instructional issues as far as lack of teaching where you kind of have to figure it out all for yourself unlike the more structured and guided US schools. Not to be negative as I’m sure they are still good options! just need to do more research.

thanks again and best of luck to you!

Thanks a lot for your offer to help out :)…I will surely let you know in case I’ll consider the midwest schools!

Take care for now and as I said keep up, you’ll seize your aspiration eventually!