Acceptance at age 50 - Then What?

Worldclass recently posted that she was accepted to med school at age 50. It is a great accomplishment, and I’m sure she is very proud. Congratulations!

My question to the group is this -

Assuming someone is in the position both financially and emotionally to begin med school at age 50, what will her options be after 4 or five years in school plus residency?

Could she expect to be hired by a hospital when she would be competing with doctors 30 years her junior with the same diploma? Would she have to open her own practice and hope for the best? What will her options be, assuming her intention is to work as a physician?

I’m not sure about her, but I can share my perspective, as I am starting medical school at 53. I DO figure on being able to make it thru med school and residency. I’m doing a bit of physical training to help my general fitness, but regarding the hours - working straight nights now and I’ve been a Certified Nurse Midwife and am familiar with a grueling schedule (office, then on call all night, then office next day, etc).

What I figure on doing is rural family practice. I’m certain there are communities that would be happy to have ANY physician, regardless of age. I’m applying to the National Health Service Corps for a scholarship…this paid my way thru nurse-midwifery school (albeit at a bit younger age) and then I knew I had a job getting out - just had to apply to various sites on the placement list. Failing that, will go for loan repayment thru NHSC (much easier to get). Especially being a federal program, they cannot discriminate on the basis of age.

I’m also planning to do short term medical outreach overseas as possible, wherever I end up working (probably with my vacation weeks, if I can leave the practice for several weeks).

Public health is a great area to consider working in for us “geezers”


That’s awesome Kate! Good for you. I’m impressed and inspired by the stories of our generation going to med school now.

Thanks for you input. Forgive my ignorance, but what would be an example of “Public Health”?

I have a follow up question - Is it more common for older students to go the DO route? Seems like it would make sense in many ways.