ADA accomodations

Because of my dyscalculia, it has taken me an extra 20 - 30 minutes to take each of my calculus exams. My professor is a peach and just moves those of us who are not done to a classroom where we can finish. However, my tutor looks at the many hours we are spending together and has implored me to seek accomodations. She swears I will need it for test taking in Physics. I am super leery of identifying myself as learning disabled, or needing any special assistance. I really want to make my grades as competitively as any other student. I feel as if it would be a HUGE liability when it comes around to applying to med school. On the other hand, making good grades in my pre reqs is also really important, and I wonder if I would gain points in personal statement and interviews if it shows I overcame this to make the grades. To keep it secret and just work really hard? Or to “come out” and ask for the help I need? Any advice on the best route?

Unless you expect to need extra time/accomodations for med school tests, I don’t know that there would be any concern about seeking accomodations in your undergrad math courses. This shouldn’t be flagged on a transcript in any way - it would just show the course and the grade.

For those in (or through) med school, how much math actually shows up on your exams?

Very little math in med school. Mostly with genetics (ratios). My advice would be to GET the accomodations for physics. I got a B first semester (withOUT dyscalculia) because I just wasn’t fast enough working the problems to finish. ONly overcame it second semester with LOTS of extra drilling to get faster. Start with the accomodations - you can always give them up if you don’t need them. That’s my advice. I shouldn’t think it will affect med school tests much at all.