Advice please (I pay consult fees in chocolate and wine lol)

Hi any advice would be appreciated

I am 42 (43 in July) but look and feel much younger (on a good day lol). Wanted to do med since school told by teacher I wasn’t good enough, usual stuff really. Now have masters and and in Oz in final yr of doc in clin psych. Want to do med badly. Was thinking of studying in the Philippines due to cost and starting next yr. Thing is I have just spent 4 yrs studying psych have the opp to make some money and achieve some other goals to. I have always wanted to climb Everest, travel South America plus other travel goals. So should I delay med for 2 years in the mean time Save some money, get residency visa (as in citizenship which I would lose if I left Oz next year, I’m British), in Oz,get clin psych hrs up, achieve some travel goals in the mean time moutain climbing, marathon etc then be set for med in 2 years at 45 / 46? Single no kids no responsibilities


If I am late responding its because I have difficulties accessing this site keep getting “access denied fusion bb” message

I suppose my previous post relates to having some time off from study to recharge. To get myself back in shape and mentally and physically and enjoy life for a bit before throwing my self back into it.

Lormak - that actually sounds like a good plan. Doing the things you have been deferring, get your feet firmly on the ground. A few years with working will probably enhance your application. Bear in mind that to attend a US school you would need college credits taken in the US.

The difficulty with studying in the US as far as funding is lack of being eligible for federal loans.