after 1 year residency?

To anyone who can help because I really feel lost at this juncture. Anyone know what I can do after one year of residency in medicine? I’m studyin for step 3… any states I can practice medicine with one year? please help!!!

Research Texas.

Do a google search - came up with several discussions of this.

Why don’t you want to finish your residency? You’re almost at the finish line!

You’re going to find your practice options severely limited if you do not complete a full residency. You may also face difficulties obtaining malpractice insurance.

I’m unclear - did you only have a one year spot and then not secure an advanced spot, or are you considering not completing your residency program?

Personally, I can’t believe anyone would feel prepared to practice medicine independently after one year of residency. I’m not sure I will feel completely prepared after 3 years!

I only have this prelim in medicine and didn’t match for catagorical. Its not that I don’t want to complete but until i can find a spot - Id like to work somewhere to pay for loans and continue on a path which will benefit overall.

There are some states that allow you to work with just an internship - you’d be a general practitioner. I know New York is one, but other than that, you’ll have to research. I’ll try to put something together for my site. Would be a good resource.

One place I’ll recommend looking (since I work for them) is the military. Let me know if you have any questions about that.

Some states will let you practice under another physician (similar to a NP or PA). This is just one you will have to reseacrch based on where you want to be.

Is your Intern year MD or DO? sometimes has openings you may be able to apply for off cycle. Keep an eye on the position openings on SDN as well.


Have you considered Indiana as an option? This is one state that only requires 1 year of residency…

Our company has 5 locations, including Indianapolis, and we are always hiring new physicians!

Feel free to send me a message if interested.

Working a year and reapplying to categorical match seems a good strategy. Good luck!


Also opportunities in Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Phoenix, and Austin!