AMCAS Activities Page guidance. (Any Vets out there?)

Afternoon All~

Question on Activities/Work experience. How would you guys think to list this? I was in the Army for almost a decade. Those formative years included:

The Iraq War…

The Afghanistan War…

Medical Humanitarian Aid in Central America…

A job commanding a 170 employee unit…

A job in medical operations…

A job running a seaport…

A stint training NATO troops…

A sting training Iraqi troops…

etc, etc, etc…

Technically, it was all under the umbrella of being in the US Army. But, there are many unique things I did, and most people would have 5-7 different employers to encompass the activities. I don’t want activities section to have “too much camouflage”, but conversely I don’t want it to be a mere line item as employment. Any thoughts?


[Outside the Army stuff I have 4 volunteer organizations, research and shadowing.]

Same boat.

Would like to know how to break that up, as well.

One activity definitely doesn’t seem to cover it all.

  • db2103 Said:
Same boat.

Would like to know how to break that up, as well.

One activity definitely doesn't seem to cover it all.

Nice to know I'm not the only one...

I’d list them by job title or description. That fact that the employer was the same is no different for me working for the same hospital for 13 years but being “Med-surg staff RN”, “ICU/CCU Staff Nurse”, “ICU/CSICU Nurse”,and “Cardiac Surgery Preceptor”. Brief sentence or two about job accomplishments in each. I generally formatted my CV with Employer in first line, and then indented, job title, supervisor, and dates with text under describing that job, then on to the next. Starting flush with margin for next employer.

AMCAS may limit number, so check that out and pick the best ones, hinting at other responsibilities (leaves them something to wonder about and want to ask you about at interview).


First - thank you for your service!

Maybe this will help-

I had this question recently asked of me:

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When filling in the AMCAS activities section I have heard conflicting things. Some people say that you should explain why you did an activity, and what you learned from them. Others say you should simply list the activities and write a concise description of your responsibilities and what the activity entailed. What are your thoughts? I

I reached out to a friend, an admissions guy at one of the best med schools in the country - around St. Louis ;-)

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I've actually seen it done both ways. I don't necessarily think there is anything wrong with either approach, however, I would not look at each section as an opportunitu to write a mini-essay. Instead I would simply try to thoroughly but relatively concisely describe what the experience was about. If a student wants to note the impact it had on him/her that is fine but that part should be brief.

In the most recent year’s cycle I advised an applicant in a situation very similar to yours, james s. She had over a decade of outstanding military service, just like you (and as Doc Gray says, thank you for that!). But all of your jobs within the military are distinct from one another. As such, they should be listed separately, with different descriptions for each. If two jobs were highly related you could “bundle” them under one heading and give one description tying them together, although nothing you listed seems that similar in nature.

Good luck in the upcoming cycle!


Excellent advice. Thanks, everyone.