another small victory

Just got an email from my calculus professor as she didn’t want me sitting home stressing all holiday weekend after Thursday’s test. Another good,solid, hard earned C. This may sound small to some of you, but with the deficits that go with dyscalculia, plus not having sat in a math course since 1977 - I feel on top of the world to have earned this grade in such a difficult course. The remainder of the semester consists of one more test and a final. I feel as if I am almost out of the woods!!!

Congrats on the victory, Vicki!!!


Way to go Vicki!!!

Awesome job!!

since 1977…?!

I say that is something to be very very proud of! Awesome dedication and way to push yourself, Kudos! :slight_smile:

Hey Vicki well done.

Perhaps you can get us a big fat B next time. Good luck to you and keep it up.

Yay! Congratulations! I remember the relief when I worked super hard and failed my first calculus class, took a W another time, and finally, on try number 3, passed with a C. Good job Vicki!