Any mom who decided to do medical school?

Hi everyone, I am a mom of two kids and married to a wonderful man. My hubby works a lot do to his bussness and I do all the raising of the kids. They are under the age of 4. Before staying home I did a little bit of nursing not much about 1yr. I actually didn’t like it much because I felt all I did was pass meds. I always wanted to be a doctor growing up but decided to go to nursing and now here I am trying to decide to do NP or PA or my 1st dream ever MS. I am afraid for my children.

I spoke to my mom about this but she said I am to old and is not fair to not be there for my kids. Now I feel even more selfish and wished I did this before everything. Ofcourse I can’t go back and i do not regret my family or even going to nursing school. I think these milestones in my life have made me a stronger person. I think things more clearly now.

Well I am 29 and don’t have much of the prereq. I don’t know what to do.

Are there any moms out there who have done this? Please any advice.

Please don’t let anyone discourage you from your dreams. I also have children and have been told I am selfish. I have received tremendous support from this site. Think of this, do you want your children to believe that they can accomplish their dreams no matter what? Your children will do what you do, not what you say. If they see you give up, they will most likely give up also. You can become a doctor and still be there for your kids. You may have to be more creative. Support from your spouse will be important. Anything is possible.

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I just am an old man here but there are lots of Moms, both new and old, on this site. My “buddy” from OPM, Hilda just had a baby girl a week or so after she was accepted to Columbia University Medical School! And I wonder what my Mom, may she rest in peace, would say is harder: going to medical school and raising two children or working and raising five as she did.

you go girl

just echoing Gonnif’s opinion.

About half the female residents here are in various stages of Momdom. They are managing very well. You have to carefully evaluate your support systems - but it certainly can be done. and as to any comment about being too old at 29 – come on - get real…

Hello my dear,

I am 34 and quite everything to go back to college and take my pre-req courses - I had a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Marketing. I worked for the biggest broadcast companies and I DO care a lot for my children. Honestly, you cannot stop living and achieving your dreams because of your kids. Once, I had this type of conversation with my OB/GYN and I truly believed what she told me. If YOU are happy, your kids will be happy. My kids are my inspiration. I will be happy as a physician, that’s for sure.

Maybe I am not spending that much time with them, but honestly, the moments we are together are the best. Good luck, Flavia.

I am 27 and expecting my first baby. After going back and forth between LSAT or MCAT.I have decided to give it one more go round. All my life all I’ve ever wanted was to be doctor. I graduated with my BA in Comm, and shirked my pre-reqs because I didnt think I’d want to be a doctor and miss having a family. Well I am just now starting my family and could have been through med school if I’d trusted my gut. However I have support and love of my fiance and my family so I am ready to go for it. I too need to take all the pre-reqs, but I think its better to be happy and do what you are meant to do, and give your babies that example, then continue to be unhappy doing something you don’t want to. Its worth a shot. Nothing beats a fail but a hard hard try! Build your support system however you can.

Thanks you all so much for your support. I have cried my eyes out about my kids. I think is really hard being a Stay at home mom and then just go full time. But I have decide last night with my hubby that I am going to do my preq for medical school. Honestly I am soooooooo scared. I don’t even know where to begin. I have looked up some requiremnent classes but I might have to retake GEN CHEM that I took in 2000. That just adds another yr to my list. I saw in one site that the preq had to be 6yrs old. I just want to cry.

What makes it really hard is that I live away from my family. I have no family support. I am afraid of telling anyone on my decision. I told my DH not to tell anyone. You guys are one of the 1st to know. I just don’t want to here the negative thoughts.

Thank you all your support means alot since I am not telling anyone. Thank you again

WOW it’s morning now and I re-read my post and I sound very negative. Actually I am excited. I will start calling schools to figuire out what to do. Any suggestions? Should I meet with a pre-med advisor at my local University even if I don’t go to Medical school there? Any pointers would be great! Thanks guys I feel I have lifted a huge weight of my chest.

Its good to have a dream but you gotta have a plan.

Meeting with your pre-med advisor and even the medical admission people at the local med school is a great way to get an opinion on your background, your pre-req needs, and the path to get there.

Definitely start slow. Not only will you be learning new content (course material)but also the skills of just being a student, how to take exams, how to study, and, most importantly how to do that successfully while juggling kids, house, etc.

Yup, I know what you mean, I am a foreigner in this country. It’s gonna be hard but you’ll make it! My whole family is away as well… by the way where do you live?

Gonnif, thanks for your advice. I truly appreciate your time to read my post. I am from the Southeastern area. Thanks again everyone

I am a mom of three and yes, it is hard. But honestly so far it has not been any harder than anyone else who works full time. From what I have heard from other moms, the residency is the worst part, not med school itself.

For me the hardest part is letting go of being the one to do EVERYTHING for my kids. I mean, I want to be supermom… bake the cupcakes, clean the turtle tank, nurse the baby all night, go to every PTA meeting. But at the same time, if that is all I do in my life, I will feel unfulfilled. My inlaws think that going to medical school is incredibly selfish of me, and maybe they are right. But I try to think how I am setting an example for my daughters. Children copy what you do, not what you say as I’m sure you know… my children will see a father who is super involved and loving, a supportive extended family (except for said inlaws) and a mother who follows her dreams and is a very high achiever.

Congrats on Starting Med School.

I am a mom (single mom) of a 6 year old, and I actually am looking forward to just going to school and being a mom. I have always went to school, worked full time, and be a mom.

I already have my potential schedule worked out

I will hopefully be applying this summer (waiting on MCAT Scores)


Good Luck in your journey, and i am sure you will continue to be a great mom.

starmoon… as a mom-to-be just starting on the pre-med journey that was really encouraging. Thanks for the motivation. I have been following this thread and I think the overall sentiment is that it can be done with support from loved ones and the right priorities in line!


Wow you sound just like me. I am 29 and am going to school to take my pre reqs for med school. I am going to become a RN because I like nursing but know that I don’t want to stay there forever. I have 2 kids, 11 and 2 and a supportive husband. We live in Illinois and ALL our family is back on the east coast. I felt and sometimes feel selfish for wanting to purse my dreams but if you’re not happy, no one will be happy! Good luck and follow your dream. If you don’t at least attempt med school, how will you know if you could have made it? You can always quit but you’ll never know if you don’t try!


I’m a 31yo mom of a beautiful 3 month (will be 4 month on the 24th) little boy.

I will be starting back to school in August full time to complete my prereq’s to apply to medical school. I will also be quitting my job to focus on school (I have to do extremely well due to low ugGPA). I figure not working will also allow some extra time for being a wife and a mother.

My hearts desire has always been to be a doctor. I didn’t decide to return to school in spite of my son but because of him. I don’t ever want him to give up because something seems too far out of reach or because he doesn’t fit the ‘traditional’ mold…

I say go for it!!! If I’m happy, he’s going to be happy because he’ll have a mom that is loving life, not loathing getting up every morning to sit behind some desk and pay (or not pay as the case may be) insurance claims.

Take care!


Another Supermom is in the house!

Im a 30 yr old mother of a daughter and im also starting my pre-reqs for med school , im guessing ill be about 40 when im done ,my friend did it with 3 kids so i know we can do it too.

I came back to bump this thread and see how everyone was doing with this. I tend to linger here the most as its the most important subject of my life, behind delivering my baby safely in November. Have things changed for anyone? Is everyone still as fired up and eager to get going? I am, I’ve actually looked up which pre-reqs and extras, I have to take and plan to enroll in Spring 09 while on maternity leave. If my hubs gets this promotion (please GOD) I can stay home FT and be a student and mom. That is my new prayer. It will take me 2 years to get done, but luckily baby will still be small and my mom has agreed to help me, so I may be able to even work PT. Just checking in with everyone…talk to me!

Hey Hey

I’m still trucking along. I joined the ranks of the unemployed on the 24th (I gave my notice effective the 15th of August but they let me go early) and I’m ready to start school on the 21st.

I’ve enrolled, gotten involved with the post bacc group at school and just enjoying the extra time with my hubby and son.

I’ve never been more terrified and excited all at the same time. I think this even tops giving birth (although I did have a scheduled c-section) as far as the nervous excitement goes.

Everyday I look at my son, I know I’m making the right decision. How exciting for you getting to be a mom in November - I can’t wait for the day that I get to help ladies become mothers…

Best of luck - keep in touch - if you’d like to email me privately, feel free at We new mommys need all the support we can get…

Take care,