Anybody from North California

Hello there…I was searching for any local group of OPM’s in North Cal, around the bay area if any…I live in Sunnyvale…would love to catch up…as of me…planning to attend the 2015 Conf in LA…and meet up few OPM’s there who could advise on the path ahead…Right now I am at a point on deciding which post Bac program to attend in and around Bay Area…UC Berkely Extension,Mills Post Bac…any one who could advise me…who are already in there or considering to take up any post bac courses in any of the schools…here pls do write your experience and sugestions…

I’m not in NorCal, but something that would be useful in others trying to help you find a post-bacc program is the purpose of the program you’re looking for. Not all post-baccs are designed to do the same thing. For example, some are designed for people to retake the prereqs to raise their grades, while others are focused on people who have a degree but never took the required courses or those who are changing careers. It seems like a subtle difference, but program admissions offices can/do differentiate between the two depending on the school.

I’m from North Cal originally . I’ll be at the conference or you can pm me with questions. I have classmates that have done the programs you mention so while I don’t have personal experience there’s collective knowledge I can try to tap into. Good luck on your journey!

Thankyou Synchronous.I was at the LA conference over the weekend.I am leaning towards the Berkely Post Bac.Let me know how competitive is this program and how well is it received.I know they have a rolling admission, so I am planning to take it.It would be great if I can get to know how long did any of your frnds take for all the pre-reqs…and how to plan…am budgeting 3 yrs for all the pre-reqs,volunteering including the MCAT prep and GAP year.Let me know if its too aggressive.


Three years including the gap year seems reasonable if you are in a post-bac program where you can count on getting IN to the courses you need. Sounds do-able.


I see that this isn’t a robust thread, but nonetheless, I’ll toss a line out to say hello! I’m Malaya, 37yo med school hopeful who’s worked in public health for most of my adult life. I live in San Lorenzo (East Bay), but work in San Jose at a community health clinic (FQHC) as a manager of public health programs.

Would love to connect with folks in the Bay Are who are all looking to get into med school as a career change and are older than 30. Feel free to reply to the thread or say hello privately.