anyone know of doctors who started med school at age 49 or thereabouts?

Hi Ms. Kitty. I’m looking forward to meeting you & everyone in person. I will be attending the conference as well but will be arriving late Thursday night. My hubby and kids won"t be able to join me (kids having final exams) so I will be flying solo (with lots of security & travel tips from my kids LOL). Finally got to see the premedical advisor at our local state university last week. Summer will be exciting as I have decided to act upon a lifelong dream. Last week, I enrolled to take Gen. Chem 1 & 2 (with lab) for Summer 1 & 2 (first day of class is June 10th, the very next day after the conference). After careful consideration of the information and advise available to me, I decided to go the “informal” route and take my prereqs at a community college. Upon successful completion, I’m planning to take upper level sciences such as biochem, microbio, or genetics at our state university as recommended by my premed advisor. . I’ll be trailing waaaaay behind you. I honestly don’t think that I will be ready to apply anytime soon…seriously looking at the end of 2014 as a possibility. It’s scary to embark on something of this magnitude so late in life (I’m 43, working as an NP for almost 7 years) but if I don’t at least attempt, I will never know what could have been. I feel blessed to have found this website. Your insights and comments are most welcome.

Hi Conquer Everest! I’m looking forward to meeting you and everyone else as well. Looks like we’ll both be arriving late Thursday.

I think you made a great decision and you’re not that far behind me. You said it’s scary to embark on something of this magnitude so late in life. It’s not late in life for you, not at all. My Mom was 86 when she passed and could run circles around me and that’s saying a whole lot with my energy, zest, and 20 year old youthfulness ;).

You’ve got all that it takes and all that you need to reach your dreams of becoming a physician. Just reverse that thinking about embarking on this journey so late in life and continue your climb of Mt Everest. Soon you’ll be on the mountaintop

Hey there! How are you med school plans going? Bernadette

Wow, you are 43 and feel that you may be a tad old for med school and I am 50ish. Now I am really getting scared. Hi I am Paula and I am new to the forum. Have practiced law for 18 years and am interested in medicine. Where in the world do I start? Not the best grades in undergrad but straightened up toward the end to get into law school. How much does age factor into admissions, life experience etc.?

Hello and welcome! I, myself, am new to this forum. As I read through numerous, inspiring testimonies of fellow OPMers, I am gradually coming to a realization that the concept of youth (or lack thereof) is purely relative. 50 is the new 25. LOL! You’re right! We are only as old as we perceive ourselves to be. With regards to your question about where to begin and age as a factor in the admissions process, I’m also still trying to figure it out myself. I am willing to help in whatever way I can. This forum seems to have a wealth of relevant information that may prove useful to us newbies, so let’s read on. You may want to start by meeting with a premed advisor (if you have one in your area) who can guide you through the process. It is also important to note that most med schools have requisite science and math courses such as Gen. Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Statistics or calculus, and upper level science courses such as biochem, genetics, microbio, or cell bio. You may want to check out your prospective schools’ medical admission criteria for specifics. I’m about to start mine this summer with Gen. Chem 1 & 2 plus lab first on my list. Are you going to the OPM Conference in D.C. next week? I am. Hope to see you there!

Blessings on your journey and may you find the answers you seek.

Thank you for your encouraging words. See you next week.

Hey Bernadette!!

Things are better and better!!! Just found out about a cheap alternative and easily paid for alternative for getting all my pre reqs!! Job is good and life is good!!! Going to the conference…and you???

You’re welcome! Just passed my dissertation defense today, Praise God!

So now on to the rest of my journey- medical school!

See you next week

Wow! Congratulations… so happy for you

Thank you!!!

  • InHiswill Said:
You're welcome! Just passed my dissertation defense today, Praise God!

So now on to the rest of my journey- medical school!

See you next week



Huge congrats on passing the dissertation defense!!

Forward Momentum!


Thank you!!! My present is to attend this conference. See what you guys inspire people to do!

Thanks Licia!!!

See you tomorrow or will you be there Friday?

Kitty - expect to be in by 8:30 tonight (Thursday), washington traffic permitting.


Hello Kitty,

Resuming your education at this age is really an exciting task. It is said that there is no age for learning.

I saw another same story here:

All the best and do your best in the life.