Applying for 2009

Hello OPMs-

This is my first post but I’ve been lurking for a few months and have found a lot of encouragement here - thank you!

I officially submitted my application to AACOMAS on June 09, 2008 and am wondering who else is in the same game for fall '09?

Anyhow, I am definitely am an old premed in that I’m thirty-eight years old with a couple of careers under my belt, a wife, one-and-a-half year old kid and two dogs that are part of the package. My undergrad degree is from a long time ago in Fine Art from UCSB. As you can imagine, there weren’t a lot of science requirements in that major so I reentered academia at my local community college at nights to fulfill those science prerequisites and all the while maintaining my job and responsibilities at home. A schedule with which I’m sure many of you are well acquainted. Actually, it’s been more exciting and fun than I thought it would be and I’m looking forward to another year of it!

It’s probably too early to start an “accepted for '09” so I thought maybe those applying for '09 might like to chime in.

Thanks again for OPM.


Count me in. I just hit the submit button.

I have not posted here much, but do visit often. I’m 31, currently an engineer, and have a 21 month old.

Good Luck!

Moonshine- Way to go, good luck to you as well!

I thought I might add a few more details: I applied to seven D.O. schools and while my AMCAS application is complete, I have held off on submitting it. I’m a Californian and my hopes are to remain as close as I can to the west coast. Looking at the statistics of accepted students for my choice of M.D. schools, which are primarily in California, I question my competitiveness.

So my selection of D.O. Schools are all from Colorado to California.








As of this morning, Monday, June 16th, a week after submitting, my AACOMAS status still reads “submitted to AACOMAS”. I assume this changes after they have verified and sent to the selected schools.

Good luck, guys!

I’m applying this year, but I think I’ll do the premed equivalent of a suicide match and only apply to one school. Is that crazy, or what?

Well, I think I must be crazy. I applied early decision. I have no idea if I made the right move or not.

I did it. If you’re an outstanding applicant and you have geographical or other reasons for only attending a particular school, it’s probably okay. There’s no advantage to you in terms of the application process except that you’ll know sooner. But if you are not a super applicant and are willing to apply to many schools, it’s not so hot and you’re better off applying all over the place, because if you don’t get your chosen spot you’re behind the 8-ball when your application hits the other schools.

Good luck! I wish you all the best.

I asked that question of a Dean of Admissions and was told that she didn’t feel that there was an penalty if you apply early decision and don’t get in. I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was because the applications are submitted electronically and early decisions come back quickly.

You know, I would like to be able to defer to an AdCom person but I really have to disagree with her. Early decision requires that you wait until you receive your decision - is it still September 15? - before submitting other applications. While mid- to late-September isn’t TOO late, it is AWFULLY late in the current competitive environment and it absolutely does put you behind the other people vying for those positions.

You need to do a lot of careful calculation to determine if Early Decision is the right way to go.


I was speaking with Judy Colwell about the early decision program this week while attending the conference. Evidently a school can hold your application as late as October, and only then can you apply elsewhere.

The good interview times get given away too early, and there is more than one school that uses rolling admissions, and those are two reasons letting one school hold you until October is a big, big risk.

I submitted my Texas Schools Apps, hopefully will do AMCAS and AACOMAS next week on Pay day…

Good Luck to All

How’s everyone doing? I’m doing well today. I’m working on my secondary and received an email today to schedule an interview for mid Sept. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long two months until interview time.

Fantastic!! It’s great that you have time to work on your presentation / answers to questions. I know it will be tough waiting that long though!!


congrats. One of the things that I did was to extensively research the school and video tape a mock interview. That was a big help.

Congrats Moonshine. An interview already…nice.

Here’s my update:

My apps just showed up as “released” on the AACOMAS site and so it took 5+ weeks to process from when I submitted. It was a long wait. Since all of my transcripts had been received before I clicked, I thought it might only take a week or so to verify. In any case they are off.

Also, I took the MCAT today. For me the hardest part was the essay section. Thirty minutes goes by REALLY fast!

Best of luck to all,


Mary- your post gives me hope!

Single mom 1986.

ADN 1997.

Married 1999.

Empty-nester 2004.

BSN 2005.

MSN Informatics Dec 2008.

Retaking chem/ochem/physics next 2 yrs for MCAT 2010- worrying that there’s not a chance in hell for me, but I’ve got to go for it…

Hello all,

Haven’t posted for a while. I am too applying this year. Submitted both AMCAS and AACOMAS a few weeks ago. Total of 24 MD schools and 7 DO schools.

Also prepping to take the MCAT one more time on August, 15 . I know it is a little risky but giving it a real honest effort to make myself the best candidate I can be.

30 years old here a few professions in the health care industry from Lab to IT and getting a second Bachelors degree in Biochemistry to help with the application. Good luck to all.


Hi all,

As with everyone here I have a unique story. I’m currently active duty Navy and stationed in Naples, Italy. I graduated in '98 with a degree in Computer Engineering and have been flying F/A-18’s for the Navy for the last 10 years. Sadly the opportunities to continue doing what I love dwindle quickly and so I’ve decided to find a new path through life. My plan was to apply to med school next year for '10, but it looks like they want to send me to Afghanistan for a year if I wait, so I’m going to go for it and get the application in. I haven’t taken the MCAT yet (set up to take it in London on 13 September) and I’m only applying to 1 school (USUHS) as I can go to med school and still continue in my chosen military profession this way. I also know that they look favorably on prior service and the commitment that it shows. I have a wife and 2 little girls and they are very supportive of my choice. I know that a lot of people here have been told to take it slow and do it right, but when you are looking at 12 more months in a combat zone, sometimes it’s worth rolling the dice. My biggest question is what about LOR’s? I’ve started filling pre-reqs and can use the 1 professor I have, but I can’t imagine asking a professor from my undergrad to write anything based on his memory of student 10-16 years ago! Any thoughts?


Hey Chris,

Since you’re only applying to one school, why don’t you call them and explain your situation and ask what they would suggest that you do about the Letters of Recommendation.

Given your current/past Military experience, perhaps they would allow letters from commanding officers, or maybe flight school instructors? I have no idea how you learn how to fly a jet, somebody has to teach you right?

Good luck to you



My sister & brother-in-law are stationed at Naples. She is an Emergency physician he is Family Practice - both are in the ED there, if you are in their area you should stop & say hello. He also has a FP clinic there as well. LCDRs Rebecca & Will Lucas. He was enlisted 1st in MC, took the GI bill & got an engineering degree, then went back to med school through the Navy & did residency at Brematon, WA. He would be better to talk to (my sister can be a little negative).

Regarding LORs, you can get them from your commanding officers & flight instructors. I would also do some shadowing (maybe you can do some with Will? He does a lot as a FP - delivers babies, vasectemies,…)

Rachel Yealy, DO