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Best of luck this Fall! I start the same day! I know exactly how you feel. I started to collect different gadgets such as an ipad to help me feel more prepared. Im loosing my locus of control and Im reaching for tech products to fill the void! You have a very interesting background that I think will benifit you a great deal. I just keep reminding myself that its one semester at a time. Small bites!

Hello all. I’m a 29 yrold mom of 2 (my partner is about to have our 3rd baby in July!) and started my med school pre-reqs a year ago.

I’m about to begin Organic Chem II this summer.

I have one full year left, then will apply, then will hopefully begin med school Fall 2014.

I also work full time in research.

This is an incredibly challenging path so far (with working full-time, school, raising a family, etc), but I’m so excited about my future.

I’m glad to have found this website! I feel like a fish out of water half the time with all the young undergrads who have no idea what my life is like. It’s nice to know you all have experienced some of what I’m going through.

I have a Bachelor’s in Women’s Studies and a Master’s in Epidemiology.

I work in health services research with veterans.


Welcome, ollie!

I know what you mean - how encouraging it is to have community with others on the same path, juggling various life challenges. Glad you found us!


Hello, I’ve been a lurker on this site for almost a year now, but afraid that I have nothing to add to the conversation, although I have silently rejoiced every time I hear of another one of this site’s members gaining admittance into a medical school or achieving another milestone in their individual path towards what I deem to be the best job on the earth. I apologize for this silence, and would like to offer my congratulations to all of those who have been juggling life, career, family, and school to strive for a dream that sometimes seems so unattainable. Possessing that sheer will truly impresses me and helps motivate me in my wanders down my own path.

Sorry for being a lurker, thank you to each member that posts here for giving me a little bit of encouragement with every goal you achieve.

I’ll be attending the conference in Orlando this year, I hope to meet some of you in person. I will try to make a formal introduction on this site beforehand.

Hello OPM-

I have been reading these posts on OPM for about two years (and lurking). I have been encouraged by the positive, supportive atmosphere and have decided to join the fray. I currently live in Orlando and am doing a DYI post-bacc. What luck, the conference is here this year! So, out of the shadows I emerge and hope to see many of you at the conference. BTW, I am 44, have an undergrad English B.A. and deal daily with the FUD of this huge decision.

Welcome, Shazzambio! You’ll find it’s an even nicer place when you are part of the conversation. I’m sorry I’ll miss meeting you in Orlando this year as I’m studying for boards, but hope to make next year again.

Good luck on your journey!


arc7 -

Good luck! Glad you decided to come out of the shadows. I’m sure you’ll find the conference to be a tremendous shot in the arm! I did.


WELCOME, guys!! It’s great to finally “meet” you, and best of luck on your journey.

We are definitely all in this together, for better or worse…so let us know how we can best support you!

Hello everyone

So I think I would classify myself as a “lurker” as I haven’t post in several years.Though I am always reading the many response to many various topics. I must say that they are informative and refreshing to read. I am not a person with much words, I am actually a shy individual but I am looking to meeting other aspiring physicians who also have decide to embark in this journey.I’ll be attending the conference in Orlando this year,I hope to meet some of you in person. :]

Hi my name is Felicia, and I am a lurker. I’ve been lurking for about a year. I’m a 45 year old nurse practitioner, and I’ve been thinking about medical school for about 4 years. I’ve even registered for classes, paid the tuition, got my picture taken for my ID card, and then changed my mind. My youngest is going to college in the fall, and I’ll be an empty nester. So I’m thinking I will have the time. My plan is to start my science courses in the fall (Biology, Physics). General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Trig. next year. We’ll see.

Feliciad –

You need two semesters of Bio, Chem, Organic Chem and physics. General Chem is a prereq for Organic. So you need to take maybe General Chem and Physics first year and Organic Chem and Bio Second Year. Or Gen Chem and Bio/Org. chem and physics. Just thought I’d give you a heads up to get into General Chem first off!

Welcome out of lurkerhood! What kind of NP are you?


Also, if you haven’t had Trig you should really take it before physics. Need at least advanced algebra as a prereq for physics but trig definately comes in handy.


Hi Kate, Thanks for the info. I knew I needed 2 semesters of the sciences. My plan was to pair up classes that I’ve taken with ones I haven’t. Hoping to make it easier and less stressful. I’ve had General Chemistry and Biology (1984). I didn’t know that Trig. was needed before Physics. I’m thinking I will take your advice. Biology and General Chem. the 1st year. Trig. in the summer (I hope it’s offered?). Organic Chemistry and Physics the 2nd year.

Thanks again. I guess it’s good to come out of the shadows.


My name is Hutch and I have been reading around the site for a while, loved all of the information and figured I would join up. I am currently 27 and in the military, getting out in 2012 with a return to school, and hopefully an application to medical school shortly thereafter. I received my BS in 2007 and spent 2008 taking pre-reqs, then did a shoddy attampt at an application in 2009 that yielded no success. I joined the military in 2010 and have loved it, but wake up every day longing for medicine.

I have been a paramedic for several years and worked in a trauma center for most of those. I am from Texas and intend on pursuing a Masters in Biology prior to the application in order to get back in the swing of school and prove my academic worth! Glad to be on a site with like minded individuals and looking forward to hopefully contributing at some point!

Hi All,

My name is Clare and I’m a lurker. At this point, I feel as if I am more of a parasite than host so I’m trying to limit how much I suck out of the boards.

I’m a 34 year old mother of 2. I got married and started my family young. Im a very non-traditional-non-tradi tional premed because I dropped out of high school in my senior year and got my GED. (long story). I went to a community college while I was working 32+ hours a week at the age of 17. I met my husband at the age of 19 and my studies fell by the wayside as my drive to have a family took over my drive for a career. I never completed my degree in psychology.

I’m now married 12 years. My kids are now 9 and 11 years old. I’m very lucky to have 100% support from my husband on this journey. He’s told me it’s my time to pursue my dream and he is so right about one thing. This sure feels like a dream!

I’m hoping to start taking classes this fall and will be changing my major to biology. The deadline for registration is the end of this month. I’m still trying to narrow down which school is the best for me and I don’t want to rush the decison. I’ve waited 15 years for this moment. If I have to, I can wait one more semester.

I’m hoping as I learn more I can become useful around here. I truly appreciate what everyone has shared on these boards. It’s so nice to have this forum. It definitely makes me feel not so alone.

Hi there. 34 years old Psychology undergrad. Thinking about going back to jc to complete and re-do phys, chem and calculus courses before applying to grad school, just in case this md symptom does not quit on me. Cal Poly SLO not very friendly with non-trads.

Hello Everybody,

I have perused these forums for quite some time and finally decided to post! A bit about me: I am 32 and currently work as an EMT, finishing up my paramedic AAS next spring. I previously completed an AS degree in Science/Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude. I recently separated from the military (Navy, then Army), of which I served 12 years, split about evenly between active and reserve time. I have deployed to Panama, Israel, Iraq, and, most recently, Afghanistan, where I met my now wife (we were both medics). I have a 3 year old boy and plan on applying to DO school for the entering class of 2015.

I have completed about half of my prereqs, with Physics and Orgo series remaining. I have managed to maintain a 4.0 for the last 100 credits or so (I have been a professional student in between military deployments), and I will try and keep that up. I STRUGGLED with my decision as to which career to pursue (RN, PA, DO/MD), but have to listen to my heart and try for med school. My last assignment in Afghanistan I functioned as a remote duty medic, which pretty much means that my unit was in the most austere of locations, and no PA/Doc was expendable enough to take care of my unit ( I WAS expendable, I guess!), and I provided care quite autonomously, which I enjoyed immensely.

This is a great site, and the stories are inspiring to say the least. Other sites range from mildly nauseating to invigoratingly toxic, and everybody here is upbeat and positive! My post is a bit long winded, but thank you for having me and I look forward to being a participating member of the site now!


Rich, some of us are both lurkers and doers. We lurk when we are busy or reason that we cannot contribute anything meaningful. We “do” and “suggest” when we have something to say, be it positive and constructive or otherwise.

Lately, I have been mostly a lurker, but occasionally switch into “doer” mode and suggest or reply to posts, as I have done today. Then I go back to studying, and lurking . . .