Attempting to become OLD premed. Realistic?

Opinions Please! I am currently 49 years old (yes, 49) and want to go back to school to follow my dream. I graduated with a BSN in 1990, had 5 years ICU experience and then went to CRNA school. Completed CRNA residency in 1997, obtained a Master of Health Science and have been working independently in anesthesia since. I have always regretted not going to med school and now am thinking SERIOUSLY about doing so. I do have undergrad science courses but they are mostly pre-nursing courses (nursing bio, chem, etc.) and I don’t think they will be accepted at med schools. My MHS science courses are graduate courses revolving around nurse anesthesia. Even though they were graduate level physiology, chemistry, and pharmacology courses, they weren’t graduate “BIO” courses, etc.

Does anyone out there know if some of these courses will be acceptable to med schools? I am thinking not, but it does seem redundant to have to take BIO I, Chem I, etc.

Also, am I CRAZY to think of starting the med school route at my age? I plan to take MCAT spring 2015 for acceptance into fall 2016. If everything works out, then I will be applying for residency as a 56 year old!

Thanks everybody, and by the way, this is a great forum!


Did someone say old??? Some Schools will accept old credits ( mine are from 1979, 1980, and 1995)…You have to go to each schools admissions page and scour the requirements. BTW - I will be applying for residencies at the age of (GASP!)58!!!

Thanks for the reply VickiV… I am having a lot of FUD about what I am planning to do. Giving up a lot in personal life to get where I want to go. I have read, read, read about what is ahead of me, and I am determined to get there. I feel that time is of the essence and do not want to waste time taking courses that I don’t have to.

On the other hand, I am not sure I can recall the information that I learned years ago, so maybe it would be a good refresher to re-take these courses. Since there is no post-bac programs in my area, I will DIY at the local university.

My plan is to continue to work as a CRNA while in school, taking BIO I and Chem I in the spring. Do you think I am taking too lite of a load?

Again, having much FUD about this.

Thanks, Dave

IMHO it is better to “go lite” than risk an overload, and consequently, grades that would not be competitive. Especially since you are working at the same time. I was only able to take one course at time when working, which greatly slowed my timeline to application. Decided to “take the leap” last year and am living close to at lease 3 excellent post baccs that I am in the process of applying for. Just figured I ain’t gettin’ any younger!!!

Good luck to you!

Sounds as if you are determined with decisions you have made. I guess time will tell for me, but it is reassuring that there are others out there in similar situations as myself.


For sheer inspiration, go to the forum index and read the diaries. WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!


I’m right with you. I just turned 48; will be completing my MPH in 2014 and am planning on applying to MED Schools starting in the fall of 2014 with the goal of starting in the fall of 2015 when I’ll be 50 years old!!!

I’ve spoken with a few schools already and they have all shared with me the fact that they don’t judge age as a detriment. As a matter of fact, it is an advantage due to the vast experience that older applicants bring to the table. This is experience and knowledge that the younger 20 to 25 year olds just don’t have.

Have either of you decided on a particular school yet?

Take care,


Trying to get into JHU Post Bacc. they have a linkage with Weill Cornell. That’s kinda my “reach” dream. If no one will have me, then probably LECOM or as a last resort, SGU…

WTG Greg!

Maybe we could have a subsection of Old Premeds known as “Old, Old Premeds”?



I think that’s a great idea!. I myself am an Old, Old Pre-Med wannabe. It would be nice to see posts by other people “over 50” who are making (or considering) the journey.

FUD runs rampant in my life!

Med school does seem to be “a bridge too far” some times. Ok, MOST of the time

Good for you Greg!

It is very uplifting for me to see others out there (Kate) who have been very successful in their journeys!

Through several hours of reading forums like this I can truly believe that succeeding at this journey takes a strong will, hard work and belief in yourself. IT CAN BE DONE!

I suggest you read inspiring stories on OPM, as well as scour the Internet to fully understand what lays ahead of you. IMO this makes you better prepared, and therefore successful.

Beware, though, it can also scare the hell out of you!


The answer to “a bridge too far”? …Polevaulting.