Is there anyone here going to a school in the Caribbean besides me? Just wondering?

How are you liking St. James?

I’ll know in Jan (2weeks)

Good luck to you! Keep us posted on how you’re liking things.

Yea I will just use this thread to reoprt. Thanks for the interest.

January is fast approaching!!! You must be getting very excited. Please keep us informed of your experiences at St. James. When I heard of the opportunities in the Caribbean, it set my pre-med trekk in motion. I had never even considered that, at my age, I could get into a medical school. The wife of a guy I work with just started her family practice. She went to St. Georges and did her rotations in Savanah and Tallahassee. She’s a success story! I looked at many of the schools and couldn’t think of a better place … then the issues with internship/residency started to worry me. Though I’m going to shoot for a US school first - I most certainly haven’t ruled out the Caribbean. If it didn’t seem so risky to get back here in ER or surgery, I’d think St. James (or Saba or St. Georges) ideal! So be sure to give us the details!

Yea the best schools are ROSS, St. Georges, Saba, AUC, all are 50 states for Lic Then I think St. James since Lic is about 45 states due to it being new (going on 5 years) but it is also a lower tuition then the others and I was able to get a Sallie Mae student loan to go. The states I want to practice in (Lousiana) do not have a problem and there are Graduates in those states from St. James. I’m excited and will let you know. I will be happy to tell anyone about the Carib and schools if they would like to know.

Okay Quick update, St. James is small here, about 100 students currently on the Island with more in the US in clinicals. The day is 8 to 3pm M-Th and 8-12pm Fri.The class rooms are air cond! Professors MD and PHD. We live in a dorm run private at about 415 a month inc cable TV and Internet plus elect. it’s about 500 a month. Food , depends on you, I spend about $60 a week. Bonaire is beautiful and safe! Everything is close and I bought a bike. Yes I like it so far (I have air conditioning)
Gotta go got a quiz today

Thanks for the update. Hope that your quiz went well. Please continue to “feed us” information about your experience in the Caribbean. I think many people in our organization are contemplating attending med school down there.

Quiz went well, I’m studying for end of the month exams now, Normal structure is quizes and end of the month exams here during the semester. This way we study all the time. at least 80% attendence is required or you loose about 10% of the final grade. All exams are geared towards the USLME.
Bonaire isn’t too bad everything is close and I bought a bike to get around. I can get everything I need just like in the states. More after the exam.

I’m glad to hear that you are liking St. James, though we miss you here in cold, damp England!! Are most of the students like St. Chris or what? I’m talking ages, where they came from ,etc? Hope you enjoy!!

Well most are in their 30’s, a few that are older like me.
And so far 3 made it through the 6yr, 1 in MD1 and 2 in MD2!
so they are young! There is a mix of Indian and other here not as much one as SCCOM.

I think its the same everywhere for these schools. Mine is in Bulgaria, and we also have lots of students that are Indians from America and mostly younger. I’m almost 34 and there’s only one other person here older than me…and Kahkeetsee, the weather here isn’t much better.

Update, well I’m successfully at Midterm, Yep passing everything at this time, Anatomy, Histo, Embryo and well Ethics. I’m finding that about 40% of my class is not doing that well guess that’s normal for the Carib? I find that I have to study everyday, and all weekend, no time for bars or even to eat out. The schools okay. If you compare the material with the book and BRS and Kaplan stuff well, it’s all there and being taught, and it’s so much! It’s not too expensive to live here and the food has been pretty good.

Wanted to add that shipping something here can be a nightmare.
There may be import tax on anything to you even if it is used, if it looks new they say it’s new doesn’t matter about whats right they are the law we are outside the US. Also regular mail can take up to 90days to get here. Fedex and DHL are best otpions.

Just an update, well big changes at the school this summer we have a new Assistant Dean and other things in store for us.
I passed my Anatomy Head and Neck block, probaly the toughest I’ve had, Passed Histo too in fact passing everything! So I’m happy now only 3 weeks till finals and I’m taking 2 days off to relax before hitting the books again this week and weekend.

Update, yep made it through MD1, Anatomy, Cell Histo, Embryo and Ethics. Did really well too. Now comes MD2 in May, Biochem, Genetics, Physio, and Neuro Anatomy. WOW it gets tougher.

Great stuff! Congrats on your grades. Keep the updates coming.

Well…I’m an MS II now (MD3 here), as part of SGA welcomed in over 50 new students to St. James. I was surprized. Most like ot so far but we are having our 1st Exams, ( I don’t feel ready) We only had 9 days off between semesters, not enough and then 3 weeks till our first Exams ( this week ) our Semester ends on Dec 15th so there’s 3.5 weeks between each exam. It’s Hot here. Always the Sun is up at 7am and Down 7pm there abouts. I can’t wait to get back to Seasons. Posted a pic of part of our class ( yea with me in it) it was our first day back in Jan 06.

Good Luck to all, any that are thinking of the Caribbean drop me a PM or email.

Looks like I made it through, Psych, Micro, Path 1 and Pharm (pharm is killing me though!)

Gotta get ready for the next round of exams in 3.5 weeks! :open_mouth: