Depression and Premed Classes

I have been suffering from regular bouts of depression. Something in grad school triggered this. I am fighting to get back to normal and I am taking premed classes. Part of me feels like I should hold off on taking classes until I feel better. However, I am almost 30 and I want to go to medical school. I think the doctor I work with can see it in me that I am not 100% right now. I am inching closer but not there.

Any advice or suggestions? I haven’t told my friends or family or anyone besides my therapist what I have been struggling with.


The simple advice I can give is make sure you are doing things besides studying to get out a bit. I would make sure you are working out and volunteering regularly somewhere you enjoy as well as having some fun time.

As far as whether or not to continue the coursework I think that is a decision you should examine yourself as well as with your therapist and close friends or family if you feel comfortable sharing with them.

I don’t know if you have consulted your family doctor as well, but you could consider an antidepressant if you are not currently on one. Seemed to be quite a few folks in postbac and 1st and 2nd year on antidepressants. Recurring bouts of depression are one of the indications for an SSRI for example.

Also, have you explored daylight spectrum lighting to help combat any seasonal affective disorder component?

Ok, that was advice but not on what you asked about! Hmm- I’d consider sitting out a semester while getting in a better frame of mind if it is affecting your performance / retention in your classes. I know that one’s retention/concentration can be severely affected by one’s mood.


I got prescribed one but I have not taken it consistently. I guess I am sort of in denial about really needing to take it. I need to be more diligent about it.

I think volunteering helps with it and studying outside my apartment. I think I need something a bit more though to support my mental health. Things a better but not 100% normal again.