Do you think medical schools will look down on me for this?

I started going to college right out of high school with no idea why. I messed around a lot my freshman year, switched majors several times before finally landing on physical therapy. After that, I got my act together and consistently performed well, transferred to University of Michigan and I’ve done well and I’m about to complete my undergrad and then move on to the next steps to prepare for medical school.

My concern is, I graduated high school in 2005 so it took me 10 years to get a bachelors degree. Do you think that’s going to be an issue with admissions? I’m going to go see an adviser at the end of February but I thought I’d see what anyone here thinks and if anyone has a similar experience.

Thank you


I think if very well COULD be an issue with admissions because medical school is so intensive and moves at such a rapid pace. It is generally advised that applicants do at least one semester of rigourous full-time courses with a full credit-load. However lots of folks have gotten in with a 4-year long bachelor’s degree in the past and part-time school to get their prereqs. For you, I’d suggest it is probably your best bet to do at least a year of full-time classes in getting your prereqs, to demonstrate clearly that you can handle a full academic load.


I agree with Kate - but without knowing what your actual transcript looks like, it’s hard to say.

You obviously have a story behind the 10 years, but over the last 2-3 have you cracked down, taken most of your premed classes and done well in them? That’s what they want to see.

It would also depend on the reason for taking such long time.

Are there Fs, and Ws on your transcripts?

Even so, the past is the past. So if you can get through a few semesters fully loaded with good grades, it will show that you can do well when you want.

Med School is very rigorous. I am realizing this. Many students focus on getting in, but getting out is also very very very challenging. One needs to develop (and demonstrate) good study habits.

Good luck

In 2005, I dropped out mid way through a semester which resulted in several WFs and dropped my GPA to 1.7. When I returned they put me on academic probation but at that point I had more direction in life and I worked hard and got my GPA up to a 3.21 and transferred to a university and am approaching a 3.7 now and have done well in all of the science courses and this while attending school either nearly or completely full time while working full time so I feel that I have a story behind it and I’ve shown that I am capable. I do get embarrassed telling people I’ve been in school for ten years and I have no degree. Just a lot of credits.

Thanks for replying everyone.