Feeling ill after cadaver lab


We’ve been dissecting in the cadaver lab now for four weeks, and each session is about 4 hours. When I get home after this I shower and clean up, but for the rest of the evening I typically have flu-like symptoms (low-grade fever, flushed, dizzy, chills). I love the work we are doing, but am wondering if this is a very common experience?

I am actually a pre-med student, but our University added a cadaver lab and gross anatomy course. It is designed to basically follow what is covered in medical school to hopefully give us an easier time when we enter medical school

Sounds like their ventilation may be inadequate. In a very well-ventilated lab you should not have these symptoms.


I should let my instructor know how I’ve been feeling then. Perhaps they can look into it. Thanks.

I agree with Kate - sounds like a ventilation issue