Feeling old at 32...questions...

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’m 32 and an “always wanted to be a doctor” person who took a swift turn at the last minute into the education world as a teacher, principal, and now a curriculum consultant. The med school nagging won’t go away so I decided its time to poo or get off the pot!

So…I want to do a post-bacc program for sure, just don’t know where and if my lack of sciences and any health care related work ( unless being a lifeguard counts!) are going to eliminate me. My undergrad GPA was 3.9 and both of my master’s GPAs were 4.0. The last standardized test I took was the ACT and I had the flu and scored horribly but didn’t retake it. Do I have the credentials? With a less than perfect undergrad GPA and no science? Will my career count for anything? Help!


A less than perfect undergrad gpa! What are you talking about!!! Folks got in with an undergrad gpa under 3! Somehow this idea got out that it is near impossible to get into med school, when it’s merely very difficult. I know one reason I went gave up my med school plans midway thru college was that my gpa was 3.45 and I knew I couldn’t get it up to above 3.8 which is what I thought I needed to get in. We make these barriers in our heads.

Teaching and any leadership position you’ve had will certainly contribute to you having a strong personal statement. Volunteering and clinical exposure/shadowing is also important. Look around here a little and you will soon see good advice regarding what you should do next but you are coming in with an ideal academic background- don’t kid yourself that you’re not.

The people with 4.0 who don’t get in are probably lacking something in their personality or having a life!


A youngster!!! You were in training wheels the last time I stepped into a college classroom.

One page Kate told me about was


Best of luck! See you in the OR (someday)

Thanks, Kate!

Don’t get me started on the “old” thing!! See my post “Never Too Old!”

You are two years younger than me, one degree up on me, have better grades, and have WAY more science than I did. I think you have a shot.

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