Finish Bachelors THEN do pre meds requirements?

Greetings again,

I am going to be getting my AA within the next year from a CC then transferring to my local 4 year. I need to retake some of my pre med requirements and then finish the rest.

I do not like the idea of doing all of my pre meds then focusing on my bachelors THEN taking the MCAT. So, logically it seems that getting my bachelors THEN doing the pre med requirements is the right choice.

Is this a common pathway?


I’d say that is not too common. There is a disadvantage to this strategy, in that it is often difficult to register for the prerequisites when one is not a degree-seeking student. While you are a “junior” or “senior” at the 4 year college you will have priority registration, and therefore probably not have difficulty getting into the classes and labs you need. What about interspersing the prerequisites with the other courses you need for your bachelor’s - say inorganic chem and one of the other labs courses (bio or physics) one year, and organic chem and the other course you need the next year. Remember that the medical school application process takes a year. That’s why most traditional applicants finish their prerequisites by junior year, take MCAT’s that spring, apply, and then (hopefully) interview at schools while completing their senior year. With your plan, you would be taking an additional year for prereqs, and a “glide year” after that prior to med school.

Regardless, you can take MCAT’s as soon as you have completed the courses - you don’t need to wait till your bachelor’s degree is completed.