First class with a new curriculum...

I’m a little nervous about my school’s new curriculum ( WVSOM Pre-Clinical Curriculum ). We’re the guinea pig year, and although the concept of the new curriculum sounds great, the first to go through it seems likely to experience the flaws that will be weeded out for next year…

So, any thoughts on this “spiral curriculum” idea? Am I worrying for nothing?

Sounds good, but I can understand your apprehension. With anything as difficult as medical school, everyone prefers to stick with the tried and true methods. You would hope that the school would take into account that this is a new program and act accordingly. But I realize that doesn’t necessarily translate to good board scores.


It doesn’t sound too “out there” or anything. It seems like a combination of traditional teaching and “problem based learning” which I think is kind of cool. I’m pretty traditional with my learning styles - LECOM has a whole PBL pathway but I don’t think I’d do well with ONLY patient presentations/case studies/small group learning.

Anyway, since they’re still retaining some of the previous curriculum I wouldn’t worry too much. It’ll be a shift but not a total overhaul. Good luck! =)

Pixie - I asked around a little - they got two professors (who I think are the two BEST first year professors) to write the biggest chunk of the first year curriculum. Didn’t give them enough time, but one of them pulled together a comprehensive course review for one of our classes and taught basically the core of the course in 2 days after being contacted in a panic by a class rep because a visiting professor teaching that course for the first time had confused us so badly. He reviewed everything that guy had taught us AND wrote and presented an awesome clarification. I’m sure he did a great job on your first course.

Yeah, I’d be apprehensive too but the faculty is pretty talented


Awww, I knew I should’ve just messaged you Licia. Alright, minor panic averted, back to researching this mysterious white board paint…

ooooo… what is this whiteboard paint you speak of?

Spiral Curriculum is a common curricular model used in music. It is used in music, as music is fundamentally structural. In other words, all knowledge accumulated becomes prerequisite knowledge for further knowledge. As an educator, I believe it is one of the most valid curriculum models going - especially for a sequential learning subject area. Whether WVSOM pulls it off, that is another thing - It takes careful planning and management. good luck to you.